Quick question about the website comp.

anyone know if we get some sort of feed back from the judges or someone about our sites. just wondering …

Ricky D.
Webmaster team 1029
Team site

It is sent to the contact in the TIMS system I believe. If it is not you can request it. :slight_smile:

[left][font=Arial]9.7.4 Award Presentation[/left]

[/font][left]• Each team that wins Best Website at a competition will receive an award at that event
• Teams that earn the Website Excellence award will receive an e-mailed, electronic certificate to place on their websites following the Championship.

come on now guys, its in plain black and white.


I am relatively sure he is asking for detailed feedback; ie, where did my teams website lose points, where did we do well, what could we do better.

Well, if you have a guestbook, your judge might have left a message there and if you can, you can email them if your guestbook requests their email.

I don’t know about getting the score results, but the judging system won’t allow a judge to save a score for a team without entering a comment.

How about this, link us to your website and we can give you some feedback. Thats what we’re here for! :smiley:

Yeah, I’m almost positive about that too. I’ll ask my mentor since I’m with him. Last year we requested it through FIRST but never received an answer. :frowning:

Last year I specifically requested our scores at both regionals from FIRST (via e-mail, I’ll have to find the contact name - I’m out of town until Friday night) and I received them after a few weeks; they didn’t just send them. This feedback information is CRUCIAL otherwise you don’t know what to focus on to improve your website.

I plan to request the same information this year, as well as the scores of some of the regional winners if they’ll give them to me. I felt like our website was a winner this year and I’m curious to see how we scored in different categories relative to the selected winners so I can compare different scores in different categories to different websites. Seems hard to know what the judges are looking for - we felt like we focused on the criteria pretty well.

There is a comment box where judges have the opportunity to leave comments. I left some pretty lengthly comments for most sites that I reviewed, but I don’t know who gets to see them other than the other website judges.

Any suggestions on who would be the best person to contact for the feedback?

Also, for the championship, do the judges rejudge the sites? Or do they just go from the scores at the regional? I was wondering if we should try to fix some things before Atlanta.

Considering I talked to a volunteer who had been asked to judge championship web sites, they appear to rescore them…