Quick question/poll


Our team uses three systems to manage our web presence (besides social media):

  1. concrete5 for our main site*
  2. Wordpress for our blog
  3. myBB for a team forum

Our website and it’s subsystems are all student run and we host everything ourselves at our school with our own dedicated server (a sponsor was super nice and let us have one of his old servers).

*concrete5 is just a way for us to manage content so we don’t have to teach everyone who wants to edit the website HTML/PHP/CSS. We did have to build the theme that the site runs on and that required a fair amount of PHP/HTML/CSS/MySQL coding that the students did themselves.


Well a t-shirt design can’t really be submitted for an award…that was the angle I was looking at. If you don’t have the intention to do that or resources for that matter (been there… only had a 5-member team for two seasons.), then by all means do what you need to do. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Cheers :).


That’s cool, thanks. I thought the website award was eliminated a couple of years ago?


Also, as it turned out we had a student step forward to create our website last week and she has made amazing progress already, so one problem solved. Check it out: