Quick release switch

I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a quick release switch. Our robot is using a foot to kick the ball under tension, and we need a way to draw back the foot. I was thinking that if we had a second arm that attached to the kicking arm with a quick release switch we could draw it back, and then release the switch to let it go. After the kicking arm was let go we could then have the switch arm swing back down to re-attach to the kicking arm and draw it back up.


A switch is an electrical device.

Search the forum for “gate latch”; beware that ones you buy may not be strong enough to be safe.

thanks. thanks for the term also, didnt realize “switch” was strictly an electrical term.

Well, I guess a Railroad Switch is mechanical, but I think release mechanism might be better understood.
Also look at “Quick Release” things in a boating catalog. Might give you some good ideas.

Try searching ratchet and pawl on www.mcmaster.com or the part number 6283K24.