Quick start of an elevator

My team haven’t realized an elevator before.So I want to get some manuals or summary for elevator design.(CAD better)Successful examples for 2020 is the best.


If you’re looking for CAD models, I’d take a look at the COTS elevator kits.


Also Spectrum has lots of pictures with the elevator tag and CAD links on their site.


(Now old) video from 973. Very specific type of elevator, but thorough description:


There are a lot of threads on Chief Delphi that cover elevator design (this thread and this thread both have good links and pictures/diagrams of different elevator systems), but here are a few tips right off:
First, what type of elevator and what materials you use all depends on what the elevator’s purpose is. If you’re trying to lift the entire robot, for instance, you’ll probably want to go with more robust materials like 1x2 tube and use continuous rigging so that it’s powered in both directions. If you’re looking to deliver a climbing hook (as many teams did for Infinite Recharge) then much lighter materials and cascade rigging may well be what you need. Other uses may put you some where between these two extremes.
Second, the available space on the robot is going to limit what you can do. For instance, you may need to use constant force springs to extend a smaller elevator not only to be more efficient but to save space used for rigging.
Third, all elevators are essentially trade-offs of various qualities. No matter what anyone tells you about their preferred elevator design, it’s only “perfect” for the application it’s built for, not for every situation. The best place to start is always with an analysis of what you want the elevator to do and what resources you have, both on the robot and in your shop, to make that purpose happen. There are a host of considerations that are very specific to each situation, so attending to these is critical if you want to make a successful elevator.

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Thanks for your reminding me!

to add to what he said, 2018 and 2019 elevators might be worth looking at for design ideas…if the elevator is intended to lift a game piece up a ways.

It may be helpful for your mentors and team members to speak directly with other teams who have successfully done what you are wanting to do. This may be a bit difficult to do since you are located in China.

So far, all the advice has been regarding design aspects. A great design executed poorly will still perform poorly. It would also be very helpful to do research regarding the manufacturing techniques. One year, the team my younger son was on built an elevator where the carriage was so twisted that it would bind on the vertical tubes. It took a someone putting their full body weight on the carriage to make it move. A lot of work was required to rework it so that it would actually move. If they had used better construction techniques, they would not have encountered this problem.

I see,the weight of carriage is so limited.Also the communication and modification are crucial.Similar problems happened to us before, so it’s really helpful.Thanks!

Get it!

Three videos are helpful to me and my team,really great.

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