Quick update on CA Regionals

Posted by Aya.

Student on team #115, MVRT, from Monta Vista High School and NASA Ames Research Center and 3Com.

Posted on 3/31/2000 11:22 PM MST

Hey all!

We’re having a blast here in sunny California where the Regionals. The 45 robots are in fabulous shape, the FIRST staff is doing an ever-so-awesome job, and the game is better than ever. It was purely exciting to see so many different ideas in play, whether it be the grabbing mechanism or the ball-gathering techniques.

Here we have one Alaskan team and 2 teams who flew in all the way from Hawaii. (Now, the pineapples that they’re giving out to ALL the teams spell out another meaning of GRACIOUS professionalism as well ;D )

I’m happy to say that our team won the Honeywell Leadership in Control Award. However there are so many more teams out there that need recognition in spirit and in robot =)

We’ll see you guys in Florida!

Aya Maeda
MVRT 115

PS. Shoutouts to Woodside HS team 100: Stacy, you were totally awesome!! BIG BIG BIIIIIG thanks for supporting us on in all the matches, and all the other mentoring =) Also sups to Kyle, Jay, and the Beach Bots. Good luck to you all!!!