Quickest 36 Pt. Hybrid?

2122 partnered with 1983 and 4082 (thanks guys:) ), to sink 6 3 pointers in 9 seconds in both finals matches in Spokane. Curious whether anyone saw an alliance do 36 in less time?

It amazes me that more teams did not have programmable hybrid shot timing. We had a switch on our driver station that caused us to delay our shots by a few seconds. We always asked our alliance partners when they shoot, and most everyone says: “I don’t know, as soon as the shooter spins up” We almost always set ours to delay to avoid collisions at the basket and we knew exactly at what times the shots would fire. Worked quite well. And we did get one 36 pt hybrid during eliminations, but we didn’t rush it like you guys did.

Agreed! “Like right away” is not an acceptable unit of measurement when planning for elimination autonomous strategy :frowning:

We were fortunate to have two great alliance partners to help make the 36 possible. The fact that our alliance had just two shooters that had to coordinate their actions further assisted in the hybrid process. Hat tip to 1983 and 4082…hope to play with you both in St. Louis:)

We ran into the timing issue at the MAR Championship as well. With 341 taking the bridge and both 25 and us shooting as well, I was surprised we didn’t end up with more jams. (We also had a feeding routine between us a 25 worked out with proper timing, but the key go very crowded…) Luckily, have have 9 autonomous routine slots, all scripted, so the timing was relatively easy to change.

We got two 36s deliberately spaced apart from each other, since slow-downs are a serious danger when one robot potentially has to fight for the Co-op Bridge. An 8 or even 9 ball at an IRI reunion would be amazing, though. 54 point autonomous, anyone? I wonder if we could get to the Alliance Bridge… (oh, they nets we’d clog.)