Quickly Tuning a Limelight

Hello everyone,
Our lighting on our practice field is vastly different from that of the competition venues we’ll be going to in the coming weeks, so we’re expecting to have to retune very drastically, and during a very short period of time. Is there any guide to quickly tuning a limelight (rather than undergoing the long and arduous process of slowly tuning individual values until it works over a long period of time)? How long would it take your team to tune a freshly imaged limelight when you get down on the competition field?

when tuning your camera, remember a few points:

  1. you can easily save your pipeline, so you can make a “basic” pipeline and use it as a place to start every time you need to calibrate.
  2. tune your camera first - it’s exposure setting is very important.
  3. when tuning your HSV threshold - usually, I set the all 3 ranges to 0-255. then I tune the Value range first, second the hue and last the saturation range. For performance reasons, try to keep your ranges as narrow as possible, as long as you don’t “damage” your target.

remember, it is okay to have noises, as long as you filter the contours properly.
I really recommend reading the limelight docs for an additional info.
good luck!


This is a great reply. We’ll try all these things today. That’s a good idea with saving the pipeline to save time. Thank you!

Have you seen this? Best Practices — Limelight 1.0 documentation Especially the part about taking snapshots on the field so you can tune in the pits?


Wow, that’s really cool. I guess this why we should read documentation… the more you know, right? I’ll pass this along. Thank you.

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