Quicksilver for Mac

Just wondering how many people out there use quicksilver on their mac. I just started using it the last night, and I have to stay I think I’m already to the point were I can’t live without it.

Quicksilver is a computer utility software program for Mac OS X, made by Blacktree Software and distributed freely. It allows users to use the keyboard to rapidly perform tasks such as launching applications, manipulating files and data, running scripts or sending e-mail. It is similar to the Mac OS X applications LaunchBar and Butler, but uses a different interaction paradigm.


I use it often. My dock is only really to see what programs I have open.

Yeah, I’m a Quicksilver addict. Most of my addiction is due to iTunes; I can start and change albums without having to pull myself away from what I’m doing. It’s also great for launching apps, though Leopard has made Spotlight a decent choice for that as well.

I’m not as crazy as some with the plugins and adding text strings to the ends of files and such, but it’s still a marvelous tool.

I find the new Spotlight in Leopard to be more than adequate so I stopped using Quicksilver after Tiger.

I love Quicksilver, and use it for many things. The most useful feature, I’ve found is the Web Search plug-in, which allows you to do searches without having a browser open, and you can add sites to search that aren’t already available (Google, IMDb, Wikipedia, etc… are already set up, just add them to the Catalog). Cmd-space, “goog”, tab, tab, search terms, return gives me a new window in Safari with the search already performed in only a few seconds.

I have also used the ability to compose e-mail many times to send links from Chief Delphi out to members of the team.

Quicksilver’s Finder Selection proxy item is also very helpful when I need to open a file in an application other than its default. After selecting the file, it’s quicker to use Quicksilver than to click and find the application in a pop-up menu.

I really hope that development continues, because I’m probably too reliant on Quicksilver to give it up at this point.