Quite a few issues with the cRIO...

Hello, all. after a few days, we have a prototype base that can drive, and wanted to try and get it driving enough that we could test it out. However, after updating the cRIO to the 2012 image (Via the FRC cRIO Imaging Tool) We have found that we can’t upload programs (It says something about the lab view real time being different versions? Tried checking the versions with MAT, but MAT Crashed.) and we can’t set up our wireless to be able to detect the cRIO. I’ve tried the official FRC Documentation several times, to no success. It seems that nothing I can do has been able to fix the cRIO!? Does anybody know some useful resources or information to help troubleshoot/fix this issue? It’s really slowing our group down, as we have a prototype shooter/gatherer/base finished already, and we can’t move much further without it. If you want to know what sorts of prototypes were working with, some of them are up on youtube under team 3313. Maybe, it will give you a better Idea of what it is we have to work with this year. To all of you who can help me, thank you, and to those having the same issue, good luck, and if I can solve this, I will help the best I can!(:

A quick amendment to this, I want to make sure I’m using the right cRIO image. Does anyone know the newest version/where to get it?

Update all software, here are some links to find it