Quite Around Here

My goodness!:eek: It seems like almost nobody’s been on the last couple of days. At least not in the areas that I keep a tab on. Now that means that you all are getting pretty far on your robots, don’t have any question or updates on your progress, or you are catching up on your homework and sleep so you can finish on time and not pull those all nighters. I really hope not to many teams need those all nighters, because they really take their toll on you.

Well heres wishing everyone a safe and wonderful rest of the build season, just over three weeks left!

Speaking from the programming end, this year has been leaps and bounds more difficult to program for auton. Last year we really didn’t worry too much about other robots, and we were only trying to hit a single target.

This year, avoiding other robots while still getting to the scoring locations and lapping as quickly as possible has already resulted in 3 or 4 total rewrites of the autonomous code as we try to improve our methods.

Plus we don’t really have a drivable chassis yet because we decided to do a far more complex drive train than we’ve ever done before. The whole team is nervous.:yikes:

You’d think it’d be vaguly easier this year Auto wise. After all, just drive strait, even if you don’t do anything but that you’ve still gotten a couple of points.

It has been really quiet round here, hopefully robots are going well. =D

Not really - try to map out what you do as you try to score and you get 1, 2, or 3 robots in the way in different configurations. You have infinite possibilities, especially when you get around to the other team’s side of the rack and have to deal with their robots, and even worse, their ball if they managed to knock it down.

Theres a reason I said “You’d think.” Trust me I know it’s not. But we’re getting off topic.