Qulaification Seeding

I am a little unclear on how you are seeded. You get the losers of the games score, but does who ever wins the match matter to the seeding process. I looked at the rules and it didn’t really say. At least I didn’t find a part that did. Thanks,

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the best explanation i have found for seeding QP matches, is here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=206023&postcount=19

hope that helps!

The winner recieves two qualifications points. This is how teams are determined for the finals, bu winning the matches and reciving qualification points. The losers score is for the event of two teams having the same qualification score (which seems very likely), in this case, the team with the highest losing score average wins the tie.

–Damian Manda

I believe that the score is more of a tie breaker type of thing. I THINK there are two sets of scores, Wins and the Score from playing the game. I think that they generally go by Wins, but if two teams have the same amount of wins then they look at the Score from playing the game. I don’t know if thats correct though…

Check out section 7.3 in the Tournament documentation.

Here is my understanding of how it works:

It explains that you get 2 QP (qualifying points) for a win and 0 QP for a loss and 1 QP for a Tie. You also get RP’s (ranking points) for the loser score. Then they use QP to create Tiers and then use RP to rank within a tier. Finally the use the highest match score for tie breaker to determine the top seed ranking.

The best comparison I can make is to how hockey and soccer teams are ranked. You get 2 Qualifying Points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss.

Like in soccer and hockey there will be teams tied in the rankings (i.e. they have the same number of QPs). Those sports break ties in the rankings with goals for (usually abbreviated GF) and goals against (GA). Our ties will be broken based on how much the losers scored in each of your matches. Higher is better here.

I hope that this helps. You can also look at section 7.3.3 for further clarification.

there will definately be ties based on the number of matches won.

Regional with 50 teams - each team plays 5 seeding round games (for example)

roughly 10 teams will win all 5, 10 will win 4, 10 will win 3… and 10 teams will loose all five matchs (if I think this through I could be more precise, but you get the idea)

from a matches won perspective, there are 10 teams ‘tied’ in each catigory.

I think how I explained it back in April of last year is pretty clear, and explains the reason for this system too.