Quote of the month and a half

Here is a place where you can post any memorable, or inspiring quotes you have heard throughout the compatition. :slight_smile:

Everyone you know is looking out for your best intrest:) … unless it interfears with theirs. :frowning:

Sad but true

“Touch the Dremel, and touch your last days”

After a small fire - “Henceforth, thou shalt be known as Sparky - Lord of the Fries”

“Stop popping rivets like they’re guns, you can put an eye out!”
“That’s why we wear the glasses!”

“You can name the varaibles whatever you want”
“So I can call it [name]'s ^#&% camera?”

“dont ride the cart down the hallway! It’s not meant for that!”

“Can someone catch me a stripper? pause, some chuckes GUYS!”