Here’s a quote I heard and I wonder how much it may apply to your teams

~Testing Only Leads to Failures~

think about it!!! :smiley:


Reminds me of the exploding combiners from '00…

Here’s one that applies to FIRST:

There comes a time in every project when you should shoot the engineers and start production :smiley:

Please stand clear of the robot.
Por favor soporte claro de la robusteza.
S’il vous plaît stand dégagé du robot.
Por favor carrinho desobstruído do robô.

Good one Joseph.

Anyhow, my favorite: “Set screws inhale audibly.” :smiley:

I remember someone on our team once saying…

“Dont drive it around, you might break it.”


From my old college roommate (but very appropriate for FIRST):

If it doesn’t fit, use a bigger hammer.
If it breaks, it needed fixing anyway.


One of the engineers on my old team (team 7, hi Allen) used to say “The sooner we get behind the longer we have to catch up.” Very appropriate to FIRST if you ask me. :slight_smile:


“Karen: I’ll need a dozen meters of flexible tubing, a pocket calculator, a non-dairy creamer and a frog.
Tsuneo: And what are you going to do with that?
Karen: I don’t know, but it’ll be a laugh finding out.”

One of the better quotes I’ve found that deals with the Kit of Parts and what exactly some of it is actually used for…

you build robot

robot break down



blatently stoled from our enigneer (steve TSE)

It’s not a problem, it’s a feature!

ME: “There! The field of 2000… but don’t get too close, for the field is guarded by the most fierce being in the robotics kingdom.”

BRIAN: “That doesn’t scare me, come on, guys, let’s get on that field!”

ME: “No! Too late, there it is!”

BRIAN: “What, behind the green robot?”

ME: “It is the green robot.”

BRIAN: “What does it do, roll over your foot?”

ME: “Well, it’s got big, gears, and…uuhhh… it can reach about… uuhhh… just look at the balls!”

“Eddie, you’re crazy.” -Numerous people