Quoted picture size reduction

I was thinking it would be cool if when a picture was quoted, it’s size would be reduced in the quote. Anyone agree? I don’t even know if that’s possible but itseems like a good idea to me.

If the picture is hosted on CD-Media, it might be possible to use the smaller version that is displayed in the main CD-Media page for the picture. But for pictures hosted off-site, it would basically be a very time-consuming and server-intensive process to do it.

The best option (and easiest to implement) would be to basically add a max-width CSS property to the QUOTE box, and have everything that is bigger automatically create a horizontal scrollbar. This option would only work in Web Standards browsers like Opera or Firefox (sorry Internet Explorer users ;)). This is what this idea might look like.

Another forum I occasionally browse uses this feature, and it works quite well. And the idea of “if you want a better browsing experience, get a better browser” makes this even better. :slight_smile: