Quotes of the Season

What is your favorite quote from this 2002-2003 robotics season? It can be from anyone… a student, an engineer, an announcer, anything FIRST related! :smiley:

One of the more interesting ones I remember is “Oh my gosh, The Beast gets taken down…woah, first time this year!”

After winning the central fl regional, we qualified for nationals. So on the busride home someone said we should drive straight to houston. I then said yeah we’ll stay in houston for a month. Another person the procedes to say “ITS NOT A MONTH, ITS FOUR WEEKS.” Pretty mouch anyone who heard that spent the next 2 min. on the floor of the bus laughing.

“If it works, then its obviously not complicated enough.”

“That’s not damaged! Its a design enhancement!”

While we were organizing stuff-

"lets put that in ‘tools of persuasion’

I dont really know the details, but the announcers on our field (cuire) during oneof our rounds, just shouted (about us)

“My God They Don’t Like Anybody!!!”

After the robot had been shipped about 4 or 5 of us went down to motorola to clean out the shop. One team member was using one of those industrial vacuums, and all of the sudden shouts


Well, we had a slogan that went over big in Nats…

“Our Robot Sucks, Come see why”

And my personal slogan is “Drive it like you stole it…”

‘Cloooooooooooooooossssssseee enough!’

‘If it ain’t done twice, it ain’t done right.’

‘What happened? … the robot fell on his head.’

Actual quotes:

“Someone grab a fire-extinguisher!”

“Don’t think, just drill”

“Kingman…I found part of your robot” -Dave Lavery @ LA closing ceremony

brandishing thunderstick “DIIIIEEEE!!!”

“The hardest part of building the robot is figuring out what to build” - Said by yours truly, to much laughter from our teacher and sponsor

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**“Kingman…I found part of your robot” -Dave Lavery @ LA closing ceremony


That was so great!

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"Kingman…I found part of your robot" -Dave Lavery @ LA closing ceremony
And then some guy in the crowd yelled - “Broken by 696!”

Wow–our team is so full of interesting ppl that there are great quotes every day.
One I really remember is from our programmer, who is a high school junior…he had been working on the program hardcore for Cleveland, I think, and had had very little sleep. He was pretty much passed out in the front of the bus and he said something that no one could understand, and someone asked “Catlain, have you been drinking?”

And his response was “Only in moderation.”

So you might not find this amusing, but if you knew, if you even SAW this kid, you would understand the hilarity of the moment.

“I can’t…I have robotics”

Robot Design
“The wings were designed to break. It is a quick break-away design feature”

Anouncer after our robot broke and became immoblie at the bottom of ramp in Archemedies match 123
“GeroniMOE is guarding the ramp”
“GeroniMOE lying in wait”
“Now GeroniMOE. They are just in a good postion, there’re blocking WildStang”

“You just volunteered yourself!”

“I can’t…I have robotics”

I said this so many times that there was a point when people asked me if I could do something and all I had to do was look at them, and they would say it for me!

5 minutes before rushing to the field
“Ummm, guys, i think we have a problem…nothing on the robot is working, the lights arent even blinking. i checked all the wiring and made sure that the switch was on.”…“Dude, look around, notice anything missing?” - pause - “ohh, yeah, it might need one of those (battery)”

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**“I can’t…I have robotics” **


“I dreamed of nuts and bolts last night,”