"Quotes" that were said during build season


I’m wondering what some of the more interesting “quotes” or phrases said this year. It doesn’t matter who said them, a student, a teacher, or a mentor. One of mine this year was “Ball chunk colorer person”. That was said when someone asked why i was coloring a ball with a sharpie.

Build season memes/quotes

“I just have to tune the PID loop!”

“It’s still downloading!”


“Don’t worry about the code – I know I’ve fixed it this time for sure!”

“PID is easy. I wrote it last night.”

“We’re too close for missiles, switching to Poof balls!”

“Just one more day on the driving code, then I’ll switch to autonomous.”


“Hey…uh guys? Where’s our bot?”

lol my friend Maggie said that when she came into our meeting late from drama practice on ship date…she had completley forgotten what day it was and we just had to go along with it so we were like…“What do you mean where’s our bot?! I though you were here when the shipping guys came to get it!”

She’s so gullible…gotta love her! lol


Me: Woahhh Carl waht are you doing don’t pull on that
Carl (mentor): I know what im doing. Id rather it break here then Annapolis
Me: How bout we just don’t break it at all, theres a thought for ya…

Needless to say he wasn’t too happy with that remark


Guns have motors?-Me

“We will worry about that later”

“umm… oops”


From the head of our mechanical team to some programmers concerned about sensing the turret’s position with a shaft encoder:

“You worry about the programming and I’ll give you the shaft.”

Luckily they didn’t take it the wrong way…


“I guarantee it!”
Everytime this certain someone on the team says this, the guarantee is broken. We even named this type of guarantee after the person’s name.


Hosh, you forgot the coveted, “Let’s Ship It!”.

I believe Troy was the first one to start saying it around the 3rd build week. We got the drivetrain running just in time for Mr. Yasick to see it before he left for surgery, and all Troy could do was say “Ship it”, lol.

After that, everytime we got a major component done on the robot, there was that quote. I think everybody on the team used it.

It was a good day when I no-longer had to hear the phrase “Ship It” on monday night, when we finally shiped the robot, :slight_smile:


One of the best quotes I heard came about 3:00 AM Saturday morning before the UTC Scrimmage
“Lets reinforce the Duct tape with duct tape”

And another from the same team member

J: “Why did you make it like that?”

D: “I made it to the dimensions you gave me”

J: “Why would you listen to me?”


Me to the students: “It wasn’t a mistake…it was an engineering miscalculation.”

One student at the open-house: “And due to an ‘engineering miscalculation’…” he said as he smirked at me in the audience :rolleyes:


looks at cmu “Yep…that goes in the headache box”
looks at sensors “…headache box…”

later in the season…

“Uh oh…gonna have to break open the headache box”


That started last year i think Mr. Q. Anyhoo, another one is when ever someone said this or that needed to be done. A student named Steve would always volunteer Stuart by saying, “Stuart will do it”. The last week was filled with him saying that, ALOT. :smiley:


“Water and electricity don’t mix, stop spitting on the robot!” -Dave, an alumni member speaking to one of the younger members…


OH… These …:slight_smile:


and last but not least, “BEMIS, YOU ARE SO STUPID!”


“it’s not a wrench,
It’s not a ratchet,
It’s a wrench-et!”


“hey guys, we have a spare e-clip, set screw, and key… oh by the way, they were all stuck in the gearbox…”


“get that out of your mouth.”
“Do you know how much that costs? If you knew how much that costs, you probably wouldn’t be doing that right now.”
“Trying to escape Justice only makes it more harsh.”
“Let’s make like a nut and bolt.”
“We’re gonna need a bigger hammer.”


“It is a guaranteed fact that at least one rookie team will name their robot ‘Chuck Norris’.”


We’ve got a certain member of our team that seems to enjoy magic smoke. Maybe some of it isn’t his fault, but we blame him anyway. Now he enjoys the name KFC. Kevin Fried Circuits We actually gave him the nickname last year, but he earned it again this year when I had to rewire 4 potentiometers when we realized that they were the source of the burnt electronics smell at about 1 AM.