"Quotes" that were said during build season


“Well, it’s pinned.” -fellow mentor, after breaking off the drill bit in our axle

“That’s not yummy.” -one of our HS students

M: “We can outpush anything we can’t outrun…and we can outrun anything we can’t outpush!”
S: “Thank you for defining geared power transmission.”

“Kabir standards are in effect.” -last week of build season, named for a former mentor quoted as saying, “we have low standards” as he drilled through a sprocket with a wood bit the night before ship date.


Hey !!! Loctite tasts good !!!


“dude ill pay for that”

after one teamate accidentaly threw a poofball into anothers month old nice laptop screen pretty much destroying the screen.


Worst thing to hear the driver (well ok, ANYONE anywhere near the robot) say: My bad.

We heard that one quite a bit this year.

“Don’t touch that or I’ll poof your head off.” (Said to my younger sister immediately after a meeting.)

E: cuts finger Ow, where’s the first aid kit?
J: hands E duct tape

Random mentor "If there are any people within five feet of the robot, the driver’s hands go IN THE AIR!!*


One of our mentors after tasting loctite, “It tastes fine - except for the burning.”


“Get me some Colgate, our transmission is stiff”

“hm…i’m not sure that hole goes there…”

“Hey! stop putting the tools away! I can’t find them when there in the proper places”


A student: “The audience will be making three sounds this year: oos, aahs, and oh my God, watch out!”


One of our engineers when talking about how fast the wheel could spin:

“Have you ever seen a poof ball go through concrete?”


“Don’t bleed on the robot!”

Said by the adult team leader after a teamate cut his hand.


“Where’s that blasted saw/drill that cuts stuff back on… I can never find it”

Junior: “OK, we’ve been stuck on this problem for an hour or so… LUNCH BREAK!!.. who wants Carl’s Junior?”

“OK, if the mentors don’t want to turn off the robot when they stick their hands through the chain then fine. But everyone else make sure to hit the kill switch first, I’d have to fill out way too much paperwork if a student got hurt”

  • Supervising teacher after the mentors repeatedly tried tightening bolts on the drive train (treads) without turning off the robot first.


Some classics:
“Remember, Planning is important, plans are not!”

After searching for a part fruitlessly for an hour
“So where is it?”
“Where I left it! No really thats where it has to be!”

“Belt came off… Leo’s fault”
-Leo graduate 2 years, nothing was ever his fault, but he got blamed for everything.



Maybe this is old but my favorite one that someone else posted:

Now for ours:
“Time flies when you are having robots.”


“What do you mean the dongle fell out?” – As the robot careens unstoppably towards our test ramp, it ripped the tether out and died, phew!

“Of course it’ll work, I wrote it” – Before hours of debugging certain pieces of code

“I’m just tuning the PID loop what could-- OH $@#$@#$@#$@#! OWW!” – Robot shot straight backwards and knocked me over, ended up pinning me down with a wheel gnawing on my leg, out of reach of the dongle, which wouldn’t have helped as it was a few inches from the OI, it fell out again.

“What do you mean backup battery?” – As the radio kept cutting out during testing.

“There’s a right way to do this, a wrong way to do this, the fast way to do this, and the way I’m doing this, which is a blend of the three others, now can you get me a bandaid?” – Scraped up my arm trying to change a fuse in our green light…on the goal…on a rickety ladder, not my idea of fun.

“The code is doing exactly what we told it do, now to trick it in to doing what we need it to do.” – It was doing exactly what we told it to do…

“Mr. Schuler Watch this!..Aww…CRAP!!” – As my tracking code has a horrendous failure in front of the man who never thought I’d make it work. Go figure. :slight_smile:

This has been a fun season.


“Wait… It wasn’t supposed to do that.” - A lot of people said this, usually isn’t a good thing, lol.


“It’s just a mock-up”

“NO! No more prototypes - this is for real” - Lead build mentor’s response to above

“I’m OK” - our injury-prone team member, usually immediately preceded by some loud noise


“People do stupid things.” followed by whistling the song the the Vonage commercials.

P: M walk away for a minute.

M: Why?

P: Because I don’t want you to seeing what I’m about to do to this part.

A personal favorite: “The holes in the wrong place time to get the liquid metal.”

“Don’t worry A. can weld it.” - Usually true but I can see him cringe sometimes when we say it.


“Assume the position” - this is said every time some reaches into the robot during driver practice (although we didn’t use it much…)



Yeah that was the best one.

“Why are you drilling into the control board?!”
“I’m not…oh. That’s what this is for?”

“Yo where’s that special metric bolt?”
“Did you check the shop-vac?” (it was in there)


We had quite a few, but the best was probably one of our mentors saying,
“Give me that tightener over there” in regards to the wrench. He got a pair of vicegrips instead. That happened a lot in the last days in the wee hours of the night/morning.

The other one was the constant

Was that how it was supposed to end up?
-Of course, we planned it that way. :rolleyes:


Student 1: Hand me the hammer on the table.
Student 2: There is no hammer on the table.
Student 1: You got to be kidding me, every thing is a hammer except for the screw driver which is a chisel.