"Quotes" that were said during build season

  1. Points to some tape stuck on a table “Can I use this?”

“No, it’s structural.”

  1. “If we raise my laptop above the robot, gravity will make the code work faster!”


“If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it’s an electrical problem!”




That’s more like it! Thanks :slight_smile:


“Hear me out, a robot game where you have to build other robots”


“Now we just do it and hope that it doesn’t break”

Everyone in the room cracks up.


Sitting in our scouting discussion and we’re trying to charge the scouting tablets from last year to show how we did things…

Joey: “What the heck! It’s not charging…”

fiddles for a few minutes

Joey: "Oh! That’s why!! I was plugging it into the aux port!!

Later in the scouting discussion,

Austin: “I don’t want to be on the drive team, I like scouting.”


“I used to have a banana like that once.”


Ah yes, connectors.

There was so much snickering when I figured out why they were called that. The captains ended up having to order everyone to shut up about it.


“I really like how this design kills one bird with two stones.”


One of our designers literally 2 min ago:

“Measuring is for those who don’t know how to guess.”

-Jordan H 2018


Shut me down. Machines building machines. How perverse. --C3PO


you got to wiggle it

it’s 7 pm… prepare for the weird.


Anything involving the “extradimensional snack stash” (one of my teammates always wears this coat with a bunch of pockets and always manages to have snacks on hand. No one’s quite sure what’s going on, except the owner of the coat, who’s not telling, so I started speculating that there’s an extradimensional snack stash in the coat pockets, and it gets brought up every now and again.)

Allison: I’m just going to stick my entire head in the robot…

(Related to the previous quote, Allison and I were trying to get some screws off our old robot to re-use one of the parts, but they were really long and had lock nuts on them.)
Devin (one of our mentors who was in charge of putting that part on last year): Long screws build character!
Me: Do you want me to find a bunch of long screws and put them on your head? Because I can find a bunch of long screws and put them on your head!


I have a related story (I wasn’t personally present for this, but Allison was, and she just told it to me):

So last year, a few people on the team stayed after a competition to work on the robot. They stayed pretty late, and eventually the pit announcer said something along the lines of “We will be literally closing the doors to the pits in five minutes! Looking at you, Team 677!” Apparently the pit announcer actually started counting down while they rushed for the door.


AKA me all the time (especially if I’m wiring things, connectors are just *way *too easy to make jokes about)



It was like 11:30pm and our vice president at the time just walks in and yells this in the room. We had very little sleep in our system.


Emmett having trouble putting a pop rivet in.
Me: let me see it.
I finally did that satisfying pop sound
Me: I am the machine( related to what my mentor said about how there are machines that do pop rivets)
Mentor: Hey Machine come do these real quick.
I ended up doing 48+ rivets that night because i had to say i was the machine


“Can you interact with parakeets while setting up the robot?”
“Parakeets? I don’t think those are allowed.”


After explaining what different electronic components do

“So, what’s a PCP again?”(Thinking of the PDP)

“A PCP? That is an illegal drug. We do some crazy things, but not that crazy.”

Remember kids, there’s a big difference between a hallucinogenic drug and a thing you plug wires into.