"Quotes" that were said during build season


So one of the members of the mechanical team asked if the RoboRIO could be used as a normal computer. While trying to explain why you couldn’t do that, he asked:

“Does the RoboRIO have an HDMI port?” - member of our mechanical team.


“Wear steel toes next time you try playing soccer with a MiniCIM!”–Me, to one of the team’s seniors.

Seems that a prototype on a table needed some work, and in the process he dropped a MiniCIM that was being attached to it, then tried to catch it with his foot before it hit the floor…


Today, during dinner, one of our senior members proposed a brilliant idea.

“Guys, we should build a robot that’s the same dimensions as a Power Cube, and all we do during a match is drive into other robots’ intakes.”

Not a bad offseason project, I think!



From Game of Thrones

Said by a fellow team leader.

It was used for times when things went very well to times when things would never work.


During lunch last year, someone on our team asked a mentor to make him a ketchup sandwich. Seriously! :ahh:


Even though I’m not an electrical person, I’ve made a few connector jokes myself.


“Stop…shut up…it’s getting ridiculous!”


New robot command is consistently not working after trying many different solutions

Me: “Did you deploy the code?”
Software member: “Oh my God…”
Software mentor: “Just because I’m a mentor doesn’t mean I’m smart.”


“What we need now is some KAZOO ACTION”-Dawn


A snippet of a conversation:

Student 1 (to student 2):“you can’t give a boat CPR”
Student 2: “Nah you just aren’t doing it right”
Student 1: completely bewildered “what??”


“Can you hand me the marky?”


Me checking on the programmers

Kai:“the real question is you you put butter toast on the back of a cat and dropped the cat which side would land on the ground "
Me:” Neither the would just endlessly spin near the ground trying to be the one to touch"


This video supports your theory.


“We can fit 7 vultures in our acquisition system no problem”


Our main mentor :“Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies.”


"There’s no “Team” in “I” - Fab mentor


“Just put a zip tie on it. It’ll buff out”. That’s been our thing this year. Everything buffs out don’t worry about it.


Our main build mentor: “White Lithium Grease spreads like the plague”
Now, whenever we use white lithium grease: “Do we want to risk the plague?”


Our head mentor, while trying to use a crappy riveter: “Mama mia, that’sa spicy rivet!”


Ship it!