"Quotes" that were said during build season


“Guys, it’s not like any of the nuts are sorted!”

“Sure they are! Within three sizes.”


Student 1: “Can I just dispose of this?”

Student 2: “Well you can eat it if you like.”


Our design team was just arguing over whether or not the flat pattern of the sheet metal tutorial in Solidworks looks like Luxembourg.


student 1: which ones should i crimp?

student 2 to student one: Crimp all of the ones in the same direction!!!

Me(mechanical lead)

3d printing fixes all of my problems!!


“Why half *** 2 things when you can quarter *** 4 things.”


“The electronics are structural”


“We’ll strap the encoders to mortars after worlds and blow them up” - Our head mentor
Sadly, we never did do that. I keep the encoders in a box labeled mortar food now.


" when is the first choice order going to arrive"


“Comment out everything until it compiles!”

“Now, let’s strip!”
-Ethan (right before soldering wires)

“If the rules tie you in a knot, you can find a loophole and bend the rules.”

“What programmers gotta do: what are buttons, what are libraries, what is autonomous commented out for?”

“Screw you, there is only one way to resolve this mate!”
-Reed (talking angrily at SOLIDWorks)


When I was your age, I hated sentences that started with “When I was your age.”


This wasn’t during build season but oh well, “On before-half of team 4004… oops” - Me in alliance selection at GVSU. (B.O.B you guys should remember this)


OOohhhh!, Get welded son!

It’s just a prototype, wait…, it isn’t…:ahh:


“Think we can get this rivet to hit the ceiling?”
Keep in mind we work in a massive auto shop.


“My milk Crate brings all the bots in the yard”…


Lead mentor this season
“You know what separates us from the primates Charlie? Tools!”


“Is there anything that I should do?”


Well… I just heard “Where did my teeth go?”

It took a few moments took sink in… and then the whole room bust out laughing… Including myself.



“Don’t worry! It’ll wear in!”


I heard this at the last team meeting from one of the students.
I can think good, but not that long.


programming lead

change the boolean slowly!!

team as we weigh robot

100lbs!! we can add a morbidly obese cat!