"Quotes" that were said during build season


One of my software members: “I forgot that ‘yes’ is a correct answer to a yes or no question.”


“This is why we can’t have nice mentors” -Calvin


Student 1: Why dosn’t anything fit right.

Student 2: Because we didn’t CAD everything like the mentors taught us.


We were playing Prince on the shop speakers…

“Wow, that guy just said Purple Rain!”


Me: “Anything else we need to order?”

Other Jack: “Yeah you know how Boston Dynamic makes dog robots?..Yeah get two of them”


“We’re gonna CNC some brussel sprouts.” - That ONE Team member




Background: 9 days before bag-and-tag and the parts for our robot base frame STILL hadn’t arrived.

Up on the team white board: “Base? Base? We don’t need no stinking base.”
Response on also white board: “That, sir, is a baseless accusation.”


background: team is taking a break for dinner
Me: Hey where is bill at
Emmett: last time i saw him he was with the robot
We all start running to were we do drive practices and the robot and bill where gone.
We ran around the school to see him driving the robot around the school cause he was bored.


“What size drill bit do you use to drill a quarter inch hole.”
“Birds don’t have hands guys! Birds don’t have hands”

A. “we need to drill clearance holes”
B. “no ones going to do the math to make clearance holes”
A. “I’m just going to go buy drill bits that are clearance hole size and put them in the slot for the normal hole”


“It’s not a beauty contest, it’s put-a-block-on-a-thing contest.”


“why are you eating pizza with chopsticks?”

“if you want to get Andrew’s attention, you have to make caveman noises, like this *makes some sound that falls between a yodel and a grunt”

“she’s a baby lurg(??) *makes the same exact sound as Andrew’s caveman noise signal”

“can we seriously do a parody of Gucci gang”

“oh my god Amie you haven’t laughed in a long time”
“are you saying i’m not happy”
“yeah pretty much”


Mentor goes “Is it gonna work?”
Student goes “Yeah, in theory.”


“I feel like a minimum wage factory worker” - Myself working on a Canifier.


Mentor: Did you fix that?

Student: Fix what?

Mentor: I don’t know.

Student: Yes.

Mentor: Okay, good talk.


Via SMS: “I’m locked in the bus room somebody come get me”


From my programming lead:

“And that’s how I’m going to drive it down the stairs…”


Student #1: “These stippers aren’t stripping!”
Student #2: “Give them some more money.”


“The drill press dosent drill straight”

So while one of our students was working on a piece he insisted that our drill press didn’t drill straight and I’m just gonna leave it at that.


“This piece still isn’t flush… Encouragement!” - a mentor, reaching for a hammer

Student: “This guy was singing ‘Footloose’ all last Saturday. Not the song, just the words ‘Footloose’.”
Mentor in question: “♫Footloose!♫”

Student: “If you can’t build a robot, give up on your hopes and dreams.”

Teacher: “Look what you’ve done! Now we have to force poor [Student] to organize everything again!”

Student: “If it ain’t broke, break it, and then fix it.”

Student: “If it ain’t broke, don’t complain.”

Student A: “I’m a pathological liar.”
Student B: “No you’re not.”
Student A: "That’s true.

Student: “Have you heard about quantum mechanics?” (Proceeds to explain quantum mechanics to entire team for no reason)

Everyone: [Endless Spongebob Quotes]