"Quotes" that were said during build season


mentor-“I am the wizard of this place and y’all are my apprentices,and I know every spell”

Me, a idiot as usual-“why are you teaching us spells when this is robotics?”

Then every body pretty much face palmed and I deserved it


“Getting things to go the right places takes a certain level of finesse, and sometimes that finesse comes in the form of a hammer” - mentor


Two team members were arguing today while working on the robot.
Student 1: “So you’re comparing apples to oranges. It doesn’t hold up.”
Student 2: “Exactly. To an orange, an apple is a strange and scary creature.”


Electrician:"Someone hand me something that cuts:
gives screwdriver
Technician:“It cuts?”


“And… I have confirmation that I am an idiot.”

-Phillip, Eva’s mom.


“Okay, I’m testing the shooter now.” (Breaks whiteboard easel that we have had for 8 years.) “Let me fix the code then try again.” -Head Driver


“Stop crawling around on the floor, this isn’t basic training!” (Said by a mentor to the media guy inching along the floor holding the camera)


Not sure what you guys are using, but it can happen. One of the two that we use came out of alignment after so many years and it now doesn’t drill straight. Our mentors thought we were crazy until they saw it happen haha.


“We’re just going to tune the zipties and put it back on the elevator, because we don’t have time to mess with this any more”

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“Friendship is the opposite of productivity and we need to be productive.”. -Phillip


One mentor just told another “Remove the powder coat! It’ll save us an ounce!”


“Check out my Lube Knife”


“Hey, the claw’s base is too small.”
“Did you follow the drawing?”
“Then why is it 9 inches instead of 11 inches?”


“I produce two terabytes of butter a year.”


Yeah, filing is more relaxing than it feels like it should be.


“You know what they say: The sun sometimes sets on the British dependent territories!”


“Hey, Jarrod, can you teach me how to surf the web?”


Driving the robot for the final time before bagging.

S. “We gotta fix that.”

S. Audible sigh “Give me the pliers”

J. “What happened to leaving at 10?”
S. "Haha. What plan ever survives first contact with the enemy?

On being at the school during a snow day.
S. “I have confirmed that adults can be on campus, so I am asking for your help. I’m just sorry you can not find anyone to watch your kids today and have to bring them with you.”


“Are you really using a sledge hammer to broach?”


“If I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it in the worst way possible”
“Beast of the weast”
“It’s hard to be sad when you’re drinking out of a pineapple shaped cup.”