"Quotes" that were said during build season


“Procrastination on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine”
(What I said to the mechanical team about wiring the board)


“For our next team bonding exercise, we’re buying all the sledgehammers we can from tech theater and beating the battery cart to death.”


“Can we just bag the electrical team in with the robot so that they can keep on working?”


“I’m not an engineer, I’m just really good at pretending I am.”


Mentor: “Before you rivet the board in…”
Student isn’t paying attention and immediately rivets the board in
Mentor: “…”


Someone tapes a plastic knife from the lunchroom on the robot*
Student: watch out the robot has a school sanction knife


Mentor: Find the green danger knife, it’s not where it is supposed to be
Student: If something is called the danger knife shouldn’t it be put back in the correct spot.


Immediately after bagging the robot:

“Did we make sure all the students were out of the bag first?”


“Why are you drinking root beer off a table?”
(It spilled, so there was some of it dripping off the table, and they had spoons… Yeah.)
Me: “Are we going to have to explain to [Mentor] why you were drinking root beer off the table?”
Student: “No, we don’t need to explain. Don’t tell him anything.”
M: “He’s right there!”
S: “Oh. Hi [Mentor]!”


Whenever we jerry-rig something for the practice bot.
‘It doesn’t matter, it’s just a practice bot!’


“Don’t worry, it’s a prototype!”


My personal version of Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and anything that can’t will go wrong anyway.”

A sign that used to be in the hall, right outside where the programmers worked on the test robot: “Caution: programmer habitat. Programmers are easily frightened by humans; observe them from a distance.”


“We should have bought those new wireless motors to save weight”


Now that would be bigger than wheels.


“I grew up in Antarctica. I learned trigonometry from Emperor Penguins!” - assistant coach

“Well I grew up in the Arctic and I can speak polar bear… ERUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH” - a student, in response to the assistant coach.


When we put the robot on the scale for the first time during Week 5:
“If we just vacuum all the chips out we’ll make weight!”


Programmer, as the robot shakes violently: “That’s the PID working!”


Cookie cutters are not made on anvils!


“literacy is a burden”


Someone was looking at a prototype up close, so a mentor said “Don’t put boogers on the robot”