"Quotes" that were said during build season


“So I was doing some CAD… Cardboard-aided Design”


Our team has two quotes with this one story. :slight_smile:
Jenny was fixing the pneumatics system on the intake of our bot. Our newest freshman, Stephen was seeking advice from the ancients. Mind that we have a small club, about four to seven people confined within our eighty square foot shop. We all hear him answering his own prayers. Whilst proactively spreading crumbs over the PWM pins. Being new, we accepted his blunder instead of chunking him. Jenny believed the PWM was ruined by the obscene amount of debris and flooding. Using her iPhone and pocket rhombus to triangulate the nearest Andymart. She drove 35 miles from Abbot to Hannibal county to buy a new one. Upon returning, she had found that it was already cleaned and working. Expecting frustration and anger, she only said with enlightenment, “Oh well, its about the journey, not the adventure.” Thankfully for those who stayed in the shop, Steph was a two in one package. Both a student and human vacuum proceeded to suck the crumbs from pins and gave one last inhale saying, “Don’t waste while you’re chaste”. :eek:


“Metal shavings never hurt anybody”

“Why isn’t the code done”

“Hey can you pass me the thingy, you know the thingy, with the red handle”

“Sleep is for the rookies, we have trained you to run on no sleep and mountain dew”


OMG that backsplash though


(While packing the day before competition) Me: Is there anything else we need to pack that isn’t on this list? Team Captain: Did you pack spare code? Me: (not knowing it’s a joke) Okay, where is it? Is it on a USB?


Some gems from this weekend’s competition…

“This should be as exciting as March madness.”

Fellow student, genuinely confused, whispers, “What’s March madness?”

Team: chanting “Red a-lli-ance ”

Colorblind student chanting: “Co-lor Blind-ness!”

Student “I really like our rookies this year!”

Other student “I don’t like that term.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because it rhymes with cookie and I keep hearing that instead.”


This was said so many times this year that it became our unofficial slogan.


“I want to move to Theory, everything works there.”


In response to an email sent by a fellow teammate providing an attached screen shot of a meme as a suggested logo for the safety team, my sister sent back this response (complete with an edited jpeg of the meme attached):

“New and improved! Now its a jpeg file instead of a screen shot. This image is significantly safer and more eco-friendly than the last one.”


Me: “Hey why wasn’t (Operator) at school today?”
Driver: “Craaaaap! I was supposed to pick them up today!”


“It’s got gription.” How about that for a new word?

“My life has begun again!” Context: Directly following kickoff 2017.


(In slack)
“@(mentor): the latest code will be in a branch under master called SPESHAL_CHANGEY_BOI. Thanks once again.“

Credit to our software sub-team


“Why is the 5 cube auto not working?”

“I added a new section to the code,
If robot is breaking:

“We can’t afford that, we had to spend the whole budget on lightweight code”


Me: “I’m so proud of my robot fake sob. I remember when he was just a little CAD model. And now he’s all grown up!”


LRI: “What happened to your inspection sticker?”

Team member: “We took it off to save weight!”

The sticker was attached to a heavier-than-necessary wiring panel, which was replaced. The LRI very graciously gave us a replacement sticker.


I didn’t need the hidden text because on Saturday we removed about 15 lb of climber that wasn’t going to work before the event was done, and which had our first sticker on it. Glad I sent a student to the inspection table to find out the procedure before we pulled it.


During autonomous
Me: “I didn’t know we had an exchange auton”
Drive Coach: “We don’t”

Me: “Can you pass me the green T?”
Student (after about a minute): “I can’t find it”
Me: “It’s right next to you!”
Student: “Where?!”
Me (gets up): “It’s literally the only green thing on the table!”
Student: “Oh, you mean the green T-Handle” (thought I meant the drink)

Ref: “I think I smell smoke from your bot”
Me: “Nah, it was working just fine during the whole match”
walks up to the bot and sniffs it
Me: “Uhh, well it’s a good thing we have 2 lift gearboxes” (The one on the left side had just shredded a ring gear stage)

after a practice match
Me: “I see that we have fixed the switch auton”
Drive Coach: “That was supposed to be the ‘Do Nothing’ auton”


Okay, We NEED to see videos now :smiley:


Exchange Auton: https://youtu.be/DNBAQsnJfEQ

“I see that we have fixed the switch auton” Auton: https://youtu.be/Ie9HnxlCVIU


“Do it but do it better.”