"Quotes" that were said during build season


“Touch my hole, it’s so smooth.”
“There’s still WD40 on it…”

“Some fingers just taste like a finger, yours tastes weird.”


“Uhh guys…this drill smells like fire”
“Well how long have you been running it for?”
“40 minutes with battery changes”

Needless to say, we owed our school’s engineering department a new drill…


“It’s a robot, not a space shuttle!”


“no 1/4” won’t work we need 2/8""


When our robot obtains a cube, the Xbox controllers were made to rumble.

During the trip to Arkansas the bus managed to drive over those rumble strips they put on the highways to alert drivers when they leave their lane. Someone yelled out, “We got a cube”.


“When we’re on red we win, we were on blue we lose a bumper.”

“We almost broke the bar, so we hit it with a mallet.”

“By the time we get to worlds, our robot will be 50% rope by weight.”

“So really, the electrical fire fixed our auto.”

Coach walking up to the driver 20 seconds before the match-
“So the robot’s gonna drive real funky.”

Coach before a match multiple times-
“Here’s the plan. Show up, see what happens.”

“How did tipping the robot over fix the lift?!”

(Singing) “I’ve got a magnet on a string . . . and it sticks to my phone . . . oh wait that’s not good”

“You couldn’t see the problem for the forest of other problems.”

“I think it is GFFH (green filament from heck), because it’s purpose in life is to jam every printer that uses it.”


“I don’t believe Minnesota exists. I believe that if you drive north out if Iowa, you go straight in to Canada.”

Edit: from folks who grew up remarkably close to the southern terminus of the Jefferson Highway.


“Boost 2 is #1


“I have being a valuable asset”

For all the sleep lost at competition.


“I hate being a valuable asset”

For all the sleep lost at competition.


Freshman–“Does it matter which way you drill?”

Student talking to another student- “The fog on only one eye of your safety glasses disturbs me.”

Student–“Pure work = awesomeness” … Seconds later- “I think I broke it.”

Alumni mentor–“Double-sided sticky tape is the bane of my existence.”

Student–"I can eat it; it’s aluminum.”

My all-time favorite quote came from a mentor from a rookie team at competition in 2017—“If you question whether or not to use more duct tape, always choose the wasteful option.”


“Alright let’s drill some lightning holes”

“I couldn’t find the oil, but we can use water”

“Alright, water it is”

nearly demolishes our drill bit and rusted the entire table

“Looks good to me”


“You’re saying that if someone only has a shirt on, they’ll have more incentive to cover the electronics because they don’t want to take it off and be topless BUT knowing people on this team…”

“Well if the electronics are covered I don’t care what they do”

“Oh so I can go around without a shirt on? Sweet!”


Backstory: Our head scout refuses to wear a belt and the team rags on him about it from time to time.

At scouting meeting: “Do you want to win or do you want me to wear pants!?”
Getting food after the competition: “I guess you wanted me to wear pants…”


Student to me: “I can’t help but notice what you are proposing draws a lot of similarities to communism…”


“Wait, there’s a safety award?” - Me, sadly

“I LOVE SCOUTING I LOVE SCOUTING!” x20, yelling it from the stands

  • Assistant scout

“We should replace CupOfCocoa with 2046’s lead scout” - Assistant scout


At 6:30 AM in Richmond from one of our seniors. OH LOOK! THERE’S A FIVE GUYS

We did not go to Five Guys.


Safety Captain: “NO throwing stuff in the build space!”
Me: “Does jumping mean you’re throwing yourself?”


Posted on our slack in the last 20 minutes:


Lead programmer: “I’m enlightened! I understand my code now!”

“What’s the plural of Bob Ross? Is it Bob Ross-en or Bob Ross-i?”

“You are not building a mechanum drive Robot Cart!”

“You are not putting Lunacy wheels on the Robot Cart!”

“Why are you putting Lunacy wheels on the Mechanum testbed?”

Team member 1: “Has anyone seen Thor?”
Team member 2: “Idk, check Narnia.”
(We have hardware cases from ThorLabs and we
call our storage closet Narnia.)

Triumphant announcment to the room “We printed a circle!”
~1.5h earlier…
Watches as printer prints a decagonal prism “We can’t print circles… hah… ahaha-slightly-crazed laughter continues
(We are making an itteration on our intake for Worlds. Many of the critical parts are 3D printed.)

End of build season: Intake specialist- “This intake can take a beating.”
Week 0 event: Driver smashes intake in first minute of driving
Pre-second-event: Intake specialist- “v2 intake is [Driver]-proof.”
At second event: Driver- “I tought you said v2 was [Driver]-proof!”
Pre-Worlds: Intake specialist- ‘v3 is highly* [Driver]-resistant*.’