"Quotes" that were said during build season


“7/16 wrench”


No what happens is as he was drilling he didn’t wipe the chips of the surface. So when he would go to drill another hole the peice wouldn’t be level causing it to “not drill straight”.


“can we fill our pneumatic system with helium to make it lighter”

“Do you think you could use a giant helium balloon to climb”


No, I can confirm that the surface was wiped clean. And the machine is out of alignment. It looks like the adjustable part of the table (where it can pivot and move up and down) is not level anymore.


Mentor: “Does anybody know where the chuck key is I seem to have misplaced it”
Everyone:“Nope don’t see it anywhere”
Mentor:" Has everyone checked their pockets?"
Specific Student:“Yup its not there (other student) probably lost it”

4 hours later as we’re leaving specific student puts on his jacket
Specific Student:" Umm so guys… it was in my pocket"

Everyone starts screeching


Oh I was talking about the student on my team what he did.


“You can cal me Splenda Daddy”
“We need to start building right now”


“We should put last year’s [STEAMworks] climber on this year’s [Power Up] Robot.”
“You know they won’t let us hang a rope on the rung, don’t you?”


Just remembered this one…

after drilling

Student: “Your holes uneven, are you’re eyes ok?”

Other Student: “My eyes aren’t bad, their just crooked.”


“ok lets hide the PDP so no one messes with it”

1 month later

“guys were is the PDP!!! we hid it to well”

update 6n months later
no PDP


Not a quote from build season, but an observation:

12 years, two months, four days in Chief Delphi time = 1 minute in CIM time


“Bring me the left-handed metric screwdriver”

Also works if you switch screwdriver to hammer.


*Quarterfinals match two Archimedes after we lost the prior match due to auton failure.

Drive Coach: “we have to play our auton again, if we dont we will lose for sure.”

Lead Programmer: “I dont think we can risk it, i have no idea why it failed the first time and it might do it again.”

Technician: “Guys this could be our last match for the season, I think we need to JUST SEND IT!”

*Auton Proceeds to work flawlessly and we win the match

Lead Programmer: “Im just going to keep on sending it.”


I just posted this on a PM our team Slack channel in a discussion that began with bumpers for our 2018 post-season robot, and thought it worth repeating here:


I don’t do murder upon request.


Let’s run the exchange drill backwards: The robot gets the cubes from the exchange and builds the pyramid.

Yes, we did this during drive practice. We did it again for a sponsor demo this morning; only took about 2 minutes.


We need to have our business cards sprout legs and … walk right into future sponsor’s wallets, then settle down until they detect enough money, and THEN put themselves in plain sight.


“Can you come help us work on Plan Z?”


“Can you come help us work on Plan Z?”
I found two of my mentors working in a seperate room. When I asked what they were working on, they tricked me into thinking that they were working on a secret backup plan that only the two of them and now I knew about. Imagine my surprise when I realized they were just building a spare intake -_-

(P.S. I accidentally posted before I finished my whole answer so this is what I meant to say in the original post)


[Driving down the highway with another mentor, pointing at something which apparently fell out of a truck] It’s a naked Power Cube!