"Quotes" that were said during build season


Our head build mentor retired after this year, so following tradition the team pranked his car (think pool noodles, scotch tape, surgical tubing, scrap bumper material, etc.). One guy decided that our homemade powercubes (milk crate+duct taped bumper material scraps covering it) would be good to deconstruct and attach to the sideview mirrors with zipties.

The mentor even asked a campus police officer if it was safe to drive with. ::safety::


“BEN!” - by everyone, but mostly our Team Captain when one of our students was using the air compressor.

“…and no drone” - Everyone cause of the drone incident


“we will just grease it later”

said by our mechanical lead

we never did grease them



[Our primary student programmer’s given name is Chris. His first two seasons, he was well known for introducing strange untested code into the codebase, which induced our chief programming mentor to nickname him “Crisis”.] Chris has gotten much better, but any time the robot does something stupid, whether or not programming is the suspected cause of the issue, people now yell “Crisis!”


Anyone: Where is (insert tool here)?

Steve (Mentor): I just seen it!

said probably 200 times during the 2017 season


A couple gems from our team’s 2018 season that also serve as Slack loading quotes.

  • “Why are there thousands of peep boxes in the workshop?”
  • “Milk is just cow extract”
  • “You can solve any problem with enough VHB.”
  • " “We’re very proud of our robust design and reliability this year” intake falls off"

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After a long day of 2018 mechanical robot construction with some classic rock blaring in the background…we arrive at this punch drunkenness as we digress to a discussion of our weekend plans.

“We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
And then we’ll take it higher”

Mechanical Team Co-Lead:
“I’m gonna rock down to Frankfurt Avenue [Philly],
And get my wallet stolen!”

Other Mechanical Team Members:
“Well whatever I do I’m sure it’ll work in the cad”

So yeah, pretty much just another regular day. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif


“It’s tactical lazyness.” -Nick Hammes


“STOP BLOCKING THE WALKWAY” - said by one of my old team’s mentors to the programmers, while we were sitting tp the side with our laptops.


“Autonomous enabling…dangit”

Build season memes/quotes

“Hey, at least our robot didn’t split in half this round…”
“Should this motor be smelling like death?”
“There goes another mecanum wheel”
“Is it bad that I super glued a motor to the bot?”



“My bronchitis has graduated to pneumonia!”

“Do I look like a Thinkpad to you?”


“Gravity check”-whenever something falls

“Do we have a DustBuster?”
pulls out shopvac
“That’ll do.”

“Pass me the Thingie”
Hands over the Thingie

Not to mention the foosball table next door to our workshop. I can’t even begin to track the conversations that happen over there.

"To Clarify which side is front…


Our team has three acceptable responses to “What time is it?”

(In order from least to most common)

1: The actual time


“that’s not regulation” being yelled a LOT.

“lets get to work guys”


“Just share it under ‘hashtag’”“WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?”
“Yep, #whereareyourshoes.”


“So it’s not an active sucking.”


mega-maid stopped sucking and blowing what now!!!
how can we get $5000 in one week ideas go!!!
the following of that statement was interesting.


“Well, yeah. That’s how a circle works.”


“you guys know we’ve been eating expired ramen for 6 months…”