"Quotes" that were said during build season


Directly from the FRC Discord:


holds a piece of wood with johnny bravo’s face on it
“Hey mama”


The electronics are structural


After the robot was assembled I noticed that the bracket for the RSL was mounted in the path of one of our moving parts, so I asked:

“Shouldn’t that be on the other side, pretty sure it’s gonna get knocked off”

After giving it a quick look and sighing he simply said “Software can fix that…”


Day 3 after waking up early to go to work and get off early for the team.

Wife - (groggily) You finished the robot right?

Me - (equally as groggy) Sure, I mean we still have to open the box, but sure

Wife - (mutters something as she go es back to sleep)


“Janky is a design requirement. Especially if it saves us money”


“Uhh guys, this drill smells like fire” - a young freshman scared of the smoke coming out of a drill we had in the trash because we knew it was broken


“It’s only day 2, how have you already given up.” -Coach to Senior


“a good control system is defined not by its reliability but its overridability”

As embarrassing as this is, we’ve accepted the fact that we can’t make something unbreakable, so might as well make it easy to fix…


The sad thing about this is we put the googly eyes on and forgot to adjust the software accordingly, so when we drove it “forward”, it went backward and hit our software guy (in the photo) in the shins.Always use your bumpers guys…


“The phillips head and the minus head.”

Moments later…

“If that’s what Phillip’s head looks like he better go see a doctor.”


After watching the game reveal video:

“So it’s basically Strongworks?”


Team member: “Hey Wes, go long”

Whole team : “Oooohhhh!”

Luckily it was a cardboard version of a hatch that went flying into the corner of a cabinet.


Context: We were pushing our 2018 bot off a 6" platform to simulate going off the level 2 platform at the beginning of a match in order to test if it could be done with swerve.

Student: “Hey, shouldn’t we strap down the battery?”

4 Students and 5 Mentors: “Nah”


While arguing about details of a design:

“We’re building this computer, and we’re arguing over what mouse pad to use.”


One time with a senior on a Mill, teaching some grade nines.
Grade 9: “So machining is just like driving a tractor”


don’t touch the robot, only smart people touch the robot.

we have 48 hours until bag day and we still have no robot, how could we let it get here


On our chosen communication platform before a lively conversation:
“Silence your notifications guys, this is going to get messy.”


“I’m really trying to kill one bird with two stones with this design.”


“Are you really trying to smoke the 4-bar?”