"Quotes" that were said during build season


From the records of Massachusetts Team 348:

*At south Florida regional 2 plane trips and 1500 miles from home
Scouting Captain: “So uh, guys? Did we ever ship the bumpers?”


starts to go to drive station…while wearing Fez, and then a russian Ushanka while playing the USSR anthem


“This is a lot of questions for a simple yeehaw bot.”


“So we’re already behind schedule?”
“Well yeah… What else would we be?”


just walking by two freshmen Did you know i was in a popular minecraft book?


My electrical coach, holding wires to me during quickbuild: “STRIP ME”


“Chris look out you’re about to be violated!”
a 10th grader to a freshman


mentor: “read the docs!” (regarding wpilib)
student: “it’s too far away”


Don’t fight with safety, safety always wins.
-Our Safety Captain.


should we really be even prototyping with something we call suicide cables,

no but we are still gonna do it…


fyi suicide cables are battery cables going straight to small Anderson power poles…


Me to our coach: “I threw my hat up and it got stuck in the ceiling, help.”


At district champs: “That chain on the field isn’t ours, right?”


We barely prototype…


While looking through code and getting deep into the Java Classes: “we’re really in deep now”


“I did not touch the hole, just forget about it and accept the black magic that is the insert to a plane with no holes.”

While teaching another student how to CAD: “Alright, now make those trucks hit each other.”


I didn’t drive over your foot, you walked into my wheel while I was driving.

ok so if this blows up right now, its your fault…


Freshman: “What’s the most explosive thing on this robot?”


“Nice, it works, now it’s time to close this monstrociy and never look back.”
“You forgot something.”
exhausted sigh

“Just gonna add this constraint here and uhh”
“What just happened?”
“I don’t know, let’s see what happens when I press the home view.”
“Control z is your friend.”

“I wonder if I can see our lift out in the stratosphere?”


“We are not using a drill press to remove the seeds from an orange.”