"Quotes" that were said during build season


What is velcro? I only know of hook and loop tape


“Why are you bleeding?”



how this quote has aged


There is a reason I love pocketing…


“It’s Nico’s Fault”
“Davids always wrong.”

Me:How’s it going?
Mentor: Robots

After a robot spun in a circle trying to kill a team mate:
Me, looking at our talon sxr’s: I don’t think the drive train is supposed to be plugged into the wrist talon.

To a freshman: Don’t put your fingers in the robot when it’s on!

And always a favorite: “That Sounds like a you problem”


“You, in the red, yes you!”


“No one is allowed to work until we find the 5/32 Allen Wrench”
“We don’t have robotics today so jokes on you!”


@SD58 this made my day hahaha


Thats my response to every plate I cut on our water jet…


can our speed holes be cool picture???

person 1: now whats the use of chucking an exact o knife into a drill and running around. that’s not safe!!!

person 2: its fine we are wearing safety glasses


spare time: *exists*
literally almost everyone on our team: let’s lurk Chief Delphi


¨The earth is not flat or round, its a vampire"

¨It got stuck on the churro"

¨Evil Toolbox"


¨Take pride in the quality of your garbage¨


“It was dark ok”

This one showed up in the middle of build when the power went out. It’s now the go-to when we need to blame a problem of any kind.


“Remember, you can’t cut more off, but you can always cut more on”


“Why are you standing up? We have chairs, you know.”

“… because… I’m… exercising.”


wow sounds like my team


“There’s no official rule against summoning Demons”

Background my friend has this Minnesota wild hat with ear flaps and he wears it all the time before and after school. One time he walked in to the robotics room with his hat on and a mentor looked at him and then the identical hat on the table near the door

“Isn’t this your hat”
“Yeah that ‘s my other hat”


“You have to CAD the swerve drive frame.”
“Why? I’m a freshman.”
“Because you can CAD.”
“Who else is helping?”
“…it’s you and me.”
“When’s our deadline?”
“1 week.”
“What is done already?”
“… pretty much nothing.”


“What does our robot weight in Solidworks?”
checks mass properties
“34 trillion”