"Quotes" that were said during build season


“I’m almost a normal person.”


I became the “Gear Labeler” for a bit when my team members couldn’t find the right gear.


“Is that legal”

“No one died so I guess it went ok”

Reading quote about minecraft freshmen - “MINECRAFT?!”

“I’m in a union so I always have a break”

Does something that wasn’t supposed to “I can’t control-Z”


“That saw has a personality.”

“What parts are these?” “Dude, I am building the field, not the robot.”


my team is keeping a bowl full of sticky notes with memorable quotes for throughout the season lol. My favorite so far is “Go put Jesus back behind the fridge.” An honorable mention: while boyfriend by Justin Beiber is playing “Why are we listening to whale sounds?”


During a recent design review:
Teammate 1: What are the chassis dimensions again?
Teammate 2: 27" by 28".
Teammate 1: Which dimension is the longer one?
Me (mouth well in the lead of brain): The 28" one.


“When I was your age I hated sentences that started with ‘When I was your age.’ “


“Wait, I thought you were supposed to push THEN commit!”
– 5518 Vice Lead (while trying to use github)

“Hey where’s the HTML cord?”
– 5518 Vice Lead (while searching for an HDMI cord)

“How did you get the spxs happy?” (Asking how we got them to work)
– 5518 Programming Team

“We plugged them in.”
– 5518 Team Lead

(Programming spent the day before trying to get them to work)

“If you hit his knees then your stick is going to break! You should use a metal one instead”
– Unidentified Mentor (while talking with a student going after the Vice Lead with a wooden stick)

–Note: This quote isn’t exact (I can’t exactly remember it) but its close enough.

Will update as I come across more.


“Well, at least we are 2 weeks ahead of last year”

– Everyone, whenever it appears we are behind schedule.


“Where’s your plate?”
“…the tortilla is the plate.”
“And the table is the second plate!”


Me: “Wow! Who brought strawberry jelly?”
Teammate: “You mean the grease for the gearbox?”
Ever since then I heard everyone call it strawberry jelly…

Me: looks at code “Why is this the outcome of this function divided by 1?”
Programmer who just pulled an all-nighter for that code: “I don’t remember, I just know we spent 15 minutes discussing it with the software team and we unanimously agreed it had to be there”
(it didn’t btw)

Mechanical after breaking something: “Well… That’s bubbled up!”
(we had a problem with people swearing a lot so we prohibited all swears and told them to find a replacement word if they had to)

Student: “Do you think I can climb up the back of these stands to get a GoPro for a timelapse of the pit?”
Me: “I don’t think that’s too safe…”
Student: “What do you mean? I got my safety glasses on!”


“Ooh wait…you’ve got sauce on your back…”


Student: Okay things are about to get sketchy
Build Director: Good I’ve got my drawing tools!

Build Director (In a scottish accent): What have you done with me zip ties?


“You need to let me take the lead on this for once. You keep shutting me down every thing I try to do!”
“That’s because all you want to do is look at frc memes”
“Fair point”

Persons A, B, and C are designing things

A - The perfect distance would be ~12"

few minutes later

A - It’s actually 8.03.
B - Yes. 8.03.
A - Whoops I mean 8.04.
B - You’re right, that’s the number
A - No wait it is 8.03.
B - Exactly, that’s what I meant.
A - technically it’s 8.03973
C - that is significantly not 12


“I’m really tired, I didn’t get off work until five o ten.”


you think we could 3d print social lives

at this point robotics is CNC-ing them already


“What’s that white stuff in your ear?”

–“I think it’s butter.”

“Why is there butter in your ear?”

–“I had it for dinner.”


“You know… it’s number 4 to pew-pew!”


“That’s not where that goes”


“My CAD skills are better than my social skills. GG, robotics.”