"Quotes" that were said during build season


“We’re going to put teflon pads on the bottom of them. They’ll be like furniture pads, only slickier.”



  • A Woodie Flower’s Award winning mentor


the cops are here again, guess the principle didn’t turn off the alarm again


“The fab shop is now communist, we are all working on the same part together, its all our part” - Sophomore on fabrication team


that reminds me of the time, during build season I confused my team by playing a trap remix of the Soviet national anthem.

I may have obnoxiously danced Kalinka as well.


“I feel like a respectable human being right now!”

  • One of the veterans, 2019, eating bologna straight from the package



“How long did it take you to seriously question your life choices? Three?” - programming lead
“I’d say two and a half, but I was still hungry at three.” - the veteran



this is the one I blasted


“Robots are hard.”

- Our main coach


‘Thats okay, we’ll just fix it in post’


“so what you’re saying is this one is the big succ, but this one is the good succ”


Add-on to a previous post on here that I can’t edit

– 5518 Engineer


Jesus Christ I hate this line SO MUCH, because whenever someone says “we’ll fix it in post”, I already know something is going to go terribly wrong.


since we are halfway threw build season maybe we should start the robot?

naw we always tend to get it one well in the last week, we will be fine,


p1:" we don’t need respirators for aluminum"
p2:“but doesn’t aluminum dust cause Alzheimer’s”
p1:“I don’t remember hearing that ever before”
P2:" I told you last week"
P1: “must be the aluminum…”


“Why are you… what are you even doing?” “I’M BEING PRODUCTIVE!” “Erm… Ok.”

“Please don’t change the chassis design now, it’s almost finished…”


“Ok, now hold this while I go get our biggest zip ties”


“I’m sorry that you think you can efficiently yeet the robot in that way”


Our exasperated senior build captain… “How are we going to do this? It’s like we are going to have to measure…”


Only me.


“I’m going to go stir the meatballs to save my sanity” - my mentor today


Mentor to someone else: “don’t distract them, they’re working right now.”
Us: citation needed