"Quotes" that were said during build season


“Well, we are still 1 week ahead of last year”

~ Us, now that we are significantly behind schedule.


“Wait, did I drop a nut in my La Croix?”


On our Slack - #Level3Sandstorm


“We are #1 team in Desmos CAD”

-Our programming lead


CAD will be released on reddit soon.


Hits a ceased piston with a hammer to free it up “It’s just like teaching high school students If it doesn’t work hit it harder!” - Our Principle Note this was completely saterical
-Rip Scott-


Here’s a whole blog full of them:


Mentor: We have a problem
Student: What’s the problem?
Mentor: I got a cough drop stuck in the subwoofer…

2 hours later [Post Cough Drop Retrieval]
Mentor: Does anyone want this? It’s subwoofer flavored.
Student: I’ll eat it.


“mmmmm… I smell motor.”


“We’re not setting the cargo ship on fire to cook chicken tenders.”


“Oh no…”
“What is it?”
“The bumper’s in the floor…”


1 student: “We should put in some drawers…”

Everyone else: “NO!”


Why is blue locktite red and red locktite blue?


“Flex tape can seal bond and repair”
“You can do anything with enough force”


From sessions this summer:

Ethan: What are we doing tonight, Mr. Gus?
G2: (a bit slower and half an octave down from my norm) The same thing we do every night, Ethan.

OK, you’ve got the moving the pyramid into the vault down. Run it in reverse - build the pyramid with the robot! [Gavin managed this, practiced it occasionally, and it became a standard part of the robot demo. He learned to handle the robot and intake a whole lot better, too!]

At Beach Bot: Glad I bought enough bags and baking soda for two leaky batteries!

Member of another team at Red Stick: I want to see you you move the arm! How do you do it? Is it magic?
G2: no, just well-hidden pneumatics.

Golf Cart air cannon build:

G2: Um, we can’t get it out of the screen porch and back on the golf cart without taking it apart.

John: Can I get a couple of you to sit on this tank so I can get the fitting out of the top?

John: Watch me hit Mr. Eric’s car with this shirt!

G2: Whoever installed this diamond plate obviously never looked at a roof.

G2: No, let’s not shoot flames at the Mardi Gras revelers.


“Guys how many hex bearings do we have?”

“Like 50, why?”

“…We have like, twice as much in the cad”


Context is key before I say this, we were trying to put a plate and bracket together and had an issue with the placement of the bracket and how other components of the bracket blocked it
Me:”Just stuff it in there, it’ll be fine.”
Sophomore:”That’s what she said”
Me:”I’m pretty sure that’s a little scary for her to say let’s go for what he said.”


“Why didn’t we build a rail-gun elevator?!?!?” - Electrical Lead


On our Slack, we were discussing how we broke chains last year, and blaming the programmers (because they weren’t there and, well, the builders always blame the programmers, but also because it was the programmers who broke the chain).

“But we don’t have to worry about that this year, we won’t have time for any programming!”


Student one: you cant smoke neos, they are brush-less

mentor one: you can smoke anything if you try hard enough…