"Quotes" that were said during build season


“NASA don’t know s***.”

-Our Co-Captain


“the encoder spins the shat”

“wait what is asian chocolate??”

“it only has one pin, onion sauce!!”


“Did you hear how our anderson problems were solved with a Mission Moon?”


Team Member - " This is the coolest electrical board I’ve ever seen."
Electrical Lead - “Yeah… but we may have to drill a hole in the battery.”


“Can you not keep changing the design?” “No, this is robotics.”

“Where is the glue?” “What do you need that for?” “For the robot.” “You are using glue?!” “…Yes.”

“Where is the design lead for intake? He is behind schedule and over budge- oh wait… we have no budget.”


Team member to mentor:
“I broke it before I touched it”


“Let’s test the code to make sure it works.”
“annnnd it’s backwards…”


The best part is that we do this too!


Coach: “If my boss sees this, I’m going to get fired”

“I like it when the lights go blinky.”

Team Captain: “Don’t touch that! It’s a structural rivet!”


Freshmen: “Where do we keep the Puh-new-ee-matics (pneumatics) cylinders”
Me: The what??
Freshman: The Puh-new-ee-matics cylinders


Lead Mentor: Space amounts to 50% of the challenges with the robot. I can’t stress enough about this. Weight amounts to another 50% of the challenges with the robot. I can’t stress enough about this either. Simplicity amounts to yet another 50% of the challenges with the robot. Simple makes it easier to maintain, more reliable, more repeatable, and easier to control. Yes the above three adds up to 150%. That’s just how important each one is.

Me: And Complexity adds up to another -50% of the robot’s challenges. I can’t stress this enough

Lead Mentor: I did not say that


I’m pretty sure that was every mentor ever :joy:


While testing code:
Why is the driver sitting with two people between him and the robot?

“This is going to require some weird logic” “I love weird logic”


Freshman: If you drop a mentor, tell a battery!


“Why is there a jet engine manual next to our robot parts?”


“Don’t mug the printer there’s paper right there”


“Isn’t a young goat called a goatee?”


“The red one looks exactly like the blue one. Except it’s red.”
my friend stole my mouse for cad and he was directing me on which one to use.


“You want ME to do WORK?!!!”


"You guys are giving me great material for the chief delphi quotes thread.