"Quotes" that were said during build season


“We can just toggle gravity”
-One of our programmers


Lat year I used desmos to prove that not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR DESIGNS build team had started building were not going to work. Oh btw this was in less then 5 hours


“Nathan hand me the poison” - Team Captain


Me: I think this is a lefty drill bit
Build mentor: I didn’t even know they made lefty drill bits


“What’s that circle thing? The one with the temperature?”


Mentor: Did you eat the robot parts again?

Student: Well Zinc IS good for you


“He knows how do it he’s a Farmer”
“Our robot may be bad but at least our cookies are good.”


“Now i just wanna break it”


looking at the encoder output
Student 1: It’s constant
Student 2: Yeah, it’s constantly not working


“Go get me a marker”
“I can get you loctite, it’s basically a blue sharpie”


Student 1: “Your code has a spelling mistake”
Student 2: “It’s OK as long as it’s consistently spelt wrong”


“Give me some - claps - context!”

-Anytime our other Co-Captain randomly joins in one of our many odd conversations


“I ain’t blown nothin’ up yet!”

~Our safety captain


“Electrical technically isn’t a sub team.
So it can’t be the worst”

-Team Captain


Where did my hat go?


While trying to get a limit switch to work:
“Let’s go to another level of jank and manually short this”
Later: “It’s either the code’s fault or the electrical’s fault.”
“It’s the electrical’s fault. Our code is impeccable.”


“Always give engineers two things to work on so when they get pissed off at one, they can go work on the other!” ~Justin Morris, NASA project manager


“Let’s list some requirements for our robot”
At least one student every year: “Not explode”, “Work”, “Lots of flashing lights”


“guys I think are robot CAD got thanos snapped”


“Slap a Neo on it”

May or may not love them…