"Quotes" that were said during build season


Directed at me
“I’m gonna make a slide on the safety presentation dedicated to just you”


CAD software crashes

“Did you save your work?”
“Uh…no…why doesn’t it just autosave?”


too true


The injury log? You mean the one by the table?

No, not the one at the table, if I used that as our injury log we wouldn’t be a team anymore.

Ok so not the paper towel on the wall.

-Safety captain, and students

We have an “injury log” that is a paper towel on the wall, with tally marks of when someone got hurt doing a simple task (hot glueing/filing/ex.)


“can you please write your documentation in full sentences” - documentation lead
“no” - me


“Why are you sitting in a box?” “If I fits, I sits.” box breaks and I fall over onto floor “Mistakes were made.”



“our robot is held together by what our safety captain calls a dangerous amount of Duct Tape”
-every student on the team


“documentation is a myth spread by first” - @ire


while drilling holes
“Im just gonna ballpark it”
10 minutes later
“I shouldn’t have ballparked it. Bad idea”


Pointing to a plate of candy…

“That’s for people helping with pins, so help or I’ll cut you”

Said with a straight face by a generally happy, mild-mannered, Dean’s List nominee, sophomore girl.


Will: go get me a left handed screwdriver.
Freshman: …what


I’ve been there buddy, wrapped our bumpers with as much blue ductape as possible during break in between finals, the bumper designers hated me for it, but hey no one noticed until I arrived at the pit and it worked


programmers being lazy “But we’re just programmers!”


hey guys… is the cnc supposed to be seizing and jumping?
oh btw the 300lbs cnc walked away while i was in the bathroom


“So your CAD skills need constraints, your CAD skills need measurements, and your CAD skills need… they just need help. A lot of help.” - Lead Robot CAD/Design


Pretty much any time we don’t figure something out someone says “well that’s a coding problem”


Student 1: I think I’m going to die.
Student 2: No you can’t die we need you!
Student 1: You do? What do you mean?
Student 3: We need someone to sacrifice!


“It’s okay, it’s only for the practice bot”


“it’s good enough”


When trying to measure to the center of a piece:

“It’s 1 and a smidgey and then a smidgey less than 2”

“What on Earth is a smidgey??”