"Quotes" that were said during build season


“We spent a lot of time discussing subsystem integration and we decided to fix it all in code.”


“Guys, wearing safety glasses in the shop is like watching a 3D movie – things fly at your eyes, but you don’t care because you know it’s not going to hit you!”

Safety award, here we come.


“Aw crap, the wires melted together”


hey on a scale of one to ten, how mad would you be if i dropped the robot upside down???


When we get stuck on a programming problem:
“Thats a tomrrow problem”


“wait let me get the universel tool” - talking about an allen wrench set when we need to hammer something.


I was playing with the hatch.

Person on Leadership: Give me that. I don’t trust you with that.

Me: I play on a varsity Ultimate (Frisbee) team.

Person on Leadership: And that is why I don’t trust you with the hatch.


“Can someone do some stuffs for stuff?” “Um, yes?..”



“I deleted everything, but it should be fine.”
-Scout after deleting spreadsheet


Cut of the team? How does your team work?


Where’s the vision code?
It’s on a napkin


Said by me during driver’s practice of 2018 bot- “lemme see if i can tip the robot”


Most said quote of any FRC team in history :joy:


Fabrication looking CAD to assemble drivetrain: “This is like IKEA Hard Mode or something. There are no instructions!" - @ire


That’s me in FTC every year.


No, physically cut.


remember, the robot requires blood sacrifice

– mentor




“Im going to crimp your nose”


A couple more tortilla related quotes (to be honest, the amount of tortillas we eat is starting to get a bit worrisome):

“Wait, how did you eat your soup without a spoon?”
“The tortilla is the spoon.”

And a few more non-tortilla quotes:

[3D printer beeps]
“Jon, your cheese is done!”

“What’s 28.5 in decimal?”
[Room erupts into discussion]
“I said that and instantly regretted it.”