"Quotes" that were said during build season


“My waifu is more aerodynamic than yours.”
-CAD Mentor


“Stop playing Fortnite/Roblox or I’ll turn off your computer” - Me to mini CAD freshmen (Some engineering student somehow downloaded Fortnite and Roblox onto the school engineering computers which are also some of the team CAD computers)
“Oh, there’s the left-handed pneumatic wrench” - CAD/Mechanical Mentor


Mentor: “Those battery mounts are too tight”
Me: Get’s mallet


While going over what we needed to do and talking about our hatch mechanism, I said “we need to remount our match heckanism”


“4Chan is where its at!”


“We need to organize this a little bit”


“Do you smell that?” While plugging two batteries together in parallel


“Am I bleeding, or is that pepperoni? No wait, that’s blood.”


Me: “I can’t find the battery box.”
One of the captains: “Did you try calling it?”


“This is why you’re bad at mechanical”
“I’m good at mechanical, just not the jank stuff”


so none of it? :thonk:


“Drill out the zip tie, guys!”

“Go go gadget non-metric Allen key set”


“Maybe AFTER build season I can let myself die. Build season doesn’t stop for death.”


“VHB is basically double-sided Flex Tape, but cheaper.”


mentor 1: do as I say not as I do…

one week later

head of mechanical: this isn’t very safe so do as I say not as I do

3 days later

head of electrical: now you should never sit on an enabled bot to test if it can drive you so do as I say, not as I do

me: every time anyone opens there mouth to me/ do as I say, not as I do


At someone with a heat gun
“Stop using the forbidden hair dryer”

“Soldering is pussy welding”


" [Co-Captain’s] Churro is 37.5 centimeters long."

-Our Other Co-Captain, first brought up in a strange argument, later written in Bold on B-Bot


“I hate gravity”

-Our programming lead


“How many girls does it take to screw in a ziptie?”

Looking at rubber spacer for compressor from last year’s robot. “You know those fluffy spacer things? Yeah! Old fluff!”


Me too buddy, me too