"Quotes" that were said during build season


“What if we use the drill press as a paper hole punch”
“No please don’t”


“This one didn’t fully work because the rails and the wheels on the bus go round and round- I don’t know why I said that.”

“Why do you have an automated airhorn?”

“I hit the power button with the monitor.”


“Ready to yeet the bot?” - Programming Lead


“Guys, I can’t find the robot.”


Air riveter on the edge of a workbench
“Lets try not to drop the $400 air riveter guys.”


The one that follows us from year to year and is always first said by a new student

“This works… in theory”

This always directly translates into “This thing won’t work in practice”. If we are to create another team, their name will be “Works in Theory”


“What’s Bumpin?”


Student 1: “Valentines day is singles awareness day”
Student 2: “I’m not single. I have voices inside my head”


“The duct tape tastes bad”

“That stain is sweet, must be locktite”

“Our robot drifts!?”

machining 1x1 “The mill smells like burnt”

Looks at white lithium grease “mmmmm, frosting”


testing robot outside
“aw we’re using a barrier I wanted to run over some kids with it”


Our team has finished basically all of our fab for now and we have frustrated our fabricators so much with assembly they ask to drill holes instead


um guys… so i may or may not have forgotten the robot…


“Is that smoke?”

“Its something, keep going”


“I like how at this point I can’t tell if I have grease or blood on my thumb”



“This stick looks like you stabbed somebody with it”
“It’s okay that’s just grease”


“If you replace that motor it probably won’t go on another robot again, we might as well kill it while we have the chance”.
Talking about a motor someone saw and smelt smoke from.


“just wait for the programming it’ll be my time to shine!” -new member
“that’s what we all say…” -lead programmer


“Don’t touch the robot when the Robot Signal Light is flashing”


aint that the truth


Head Mech Lead to me (programming mentor),
“Can you see what the [Lead Programmer] is doing? He’s says he’s working on the (very important) problem, but all I see him doing is staring at the screen!”