"Quotes" that were said during build season


“The measurements you were just given may or may not be accurate” – CAD team


Very true, I should know. I’m CAD.
"Let’s name the robot ‘W19-001 (Robot Assembly, Top Level).sldasm’! " - CAD team
"No, let’s name it ‘Elegante Elefante’ " - Everyone else
We have an interesting list of names, including Peter.


“So when I take ideas from other teams in the past, people get mad at me, but when programmers take code off of a website, no one cares” - CAD lead


“quick, go get the mayonnaise”
“the what?”
“you know, the white stuff”


“oh wait wrong team”


Who let Cat hold that?!

(I was holding our battery mount that has all the electronics on the outside about $2.1k and I have been know to spill/drop things…a lot…)

“I’m going to make a bowl of cereal but instead of milk I’m making it with my tears.” - Me


sparks fly off of motor “Uh yeah that’s natural I think.”
our president


A: “[claim]”
B: “Are you sure?”
A: “Yes”
B: “Are you red Loctite sure or blue Loctite sure?”

pretty much every claim gets vetted this way. We’re usually blue loctite sure.


“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That isn’t good when you have two days left in build season.”


“It’s the strange soviet one!”

Talking about kid on team that always wears ushanka


“Ok, if we can’t climb, how about we just tip the robot over?”


Ok we need to take the robot to the pet store to weigh it.Well just tell them its a big metallic saint Bernard



When our team finds out about igbo


During a discussion on the worst ideas for a control system: Shake-weight and thigh-master.


Mentor: walks in
Me: hey this guy is being racist towards plywood

And now a quote with no context
Person I’m talking to about bumpers: “maybe it’d be better we did this naked”


“It’s almost like we know what we’re doing!”


“Someone neck Brandon!” - Head Mentor


“Do you ever just wish you were a peacock?” - our electrical student


“I think I may be a kleptomaniac”



It’s sweating PVC!!!