"Quotes" that were said during build season


team member color codes wiring on robot
“WAIT! There are three 'B’s in the alphabet. Blue, black, and brown!”


“I don’t know where to put all of this enthusiasm” - a team member had finally figured out how to mount a tricky piece


“Make sure to deploy more zeros than ones this time so that we can cut down on weight.” - Mentor to Programming Lead


Ive had a student that’s tried to assemble the andymark KOP. Everytime he sees it, he’s the first to back out. There is an easier way to assemble that kind of drivetrain rather than squishing your fingers off.


“It worked better when it was made out of cardboard.”


Bag Day 11:57pm est
Student 1: Did we put everything we need to in the bag?
Student 2: Did we put the code in the bag?


“Quick, just look away while I drill this”


“Did anybody get footage of the cargo intake for the reveal video?”



“Tom holland is the best thing to come out of britain except for america” - happened talking about infinity war and end game


3 minutes before stop build, we are working on our climb and the field stuff is all nicely tucked away for the night:
“Quick guys, get out the climbing stuff!”
Amazingly, we scrambled and got it all set up in 30 seconds flat. That’s teamwork for you.


Stop Build Day:
Student: You can use a DDR dance pad to control the robot, on top of a guitar hero guitar and a guitar hero drum kit? I know what we need to do next year.


we did that on our tee shirt cannon, it was surprisingly difficult to control, i recommend you make a custom controller that fits your robots needs


5 min 11 sec before midnight final countdown comes on (exact length of song)

with 3 min left our mentor yells, lets set pid… everyone sprints towards the bot, and we close the bag at 11:59 with a mentor only stopping build when the tag was going on.


if only we had members this quick


Me: Our model is wrong
Programmer: We’ll model how much we are off by and multiply our offset coefficients
Me: What about when that one is off, shouldn’t we figure out how to model it properly?
Programmer: Then we model the offset again!

SMH :joy::joy::joy:


wheel falls off bot, everyone screams at programming


“Don’t worry guys, the waffle is outside now.”

“Heatshrink Pro Tip: If you hold the wire with your finger close to the fire, the wire won’t burn because your finger will start to burn first.”


“I had a dream where I was trying to teach Barack Obama how to CAD and he just couldn’t figure out how to put a hole in the middle of an equilateral triangle”


Student 1: Mentor, What What What is…what…trying to find words
Mentor: What
Student 1 : What…
Mentor: What What
Student 2: What What
Mentor: What What
Student 2: What
Mentor: What What What
Student 2: What What
Student 3: What What
Student 4: What
Mentor: What WhHat
Student 2: What
Mentor: What whAt What
Student 3: What What
Student 2: What
Student 4: What
Student 2: What What
Mentor: What What
Student 3: WhaAAt
Mentor: What
Student 3: What What
Student 2: What What
Mentor:What What
Student 4: Whaat
Student 1:What is the right size for the rope hole?
Mentor: What?
Student 2: What
Student 1: Am I the only one who wants to build a robot around here?
Mentor: What


“We are always 5 pounds over, they give us 5 extra pounds and we somehow exceed that as well”
~Build Lead