"Quotes" that were said during build season


quiet shop

“please save please save please save”

“don’t crash don’t crash don’t crash”


“Guys we forgot to code the bumpers/LEDs/bag!”
“Guys we forgot to bag the bumpers/code/bag/field/robot!”


“The robot saw that… and it’s judging you.” (Someone fell in view of the robot’s camera)


Because if we are going to have a war let’s make it about something important. Not different trees. -Chase


“Anyone can fit under a tire if it is going fast enough”


Me: “We know this works”
Mentor: “Don’t get overconfident”


We got in the habit of randomly yelling “ heat shrink” when anyone was soldering or said soldering. Yes we all at one point or another still would forget to put heat shrink on before we soldered. But far less than normal years.


sigh “I suck at programming…”

  • Our team’s head of programming


Does this have anything to do the Rush song “The Trees”?


After watching 118 reveal video
Head of programming (me) - “Where is my h-drive?”


Nope, the team is growing trees as a side initiative. We want to start emphasizing all of STEM, not just TEM. One of the mechanical students is growing an apple tree and the programming team is starting to grow Bonsi trees (still sheltered from the elements in my dorm room). They got into a debate over which tree was the superior tree. It was quite a time.


Overheard last year after an alliance members unsuccessful autonomous:
Drive Coach: “we forgot to account for the gravity of the field”
Driver: “Im 99% percent sure that’s in our code”
Our whole drive team was cracking up when we heard that


Let us memorize this


who said your allowed to exist.

stop breathing NOW!!! NO Breath allowed, its a liability if your not wearing your respirator. STOP BREATHING…


Every time I come to the mentor for help/advice:

Me: We have a problem-
Mentor: No, you have a problem, I’m fine.
Me: … I have a problem…


If I get arrested, I’m sure someone in robotics would bring me a computer to cad with

Said by someone who makes some pretty … sketchy (but safe!) decisions both in CAD and when building


Mentor: “If you hit the bot with that, Ill hit you with this. (Holds up our mallet we use for “persuasion”)
“If we’re going to go down, might as well go down in flames.”
“How about we just weld all the other bots together?”
“Can someone go out and buy some new programmers?”


1.) “The KKK is quaking.”
2.) “Honey, you got a big storm coming.”
Ben: “Yes.” Me: starts a fist fight
4.) ”Hi and welcome to marketing where everybodies dreams go to die!”


"Don’t you hate it when your nipple starts leaking? - working on pneumatics


fabrication lead: don’t worry about respirators, you won’t get Alzheimer’s from the aluminum, I would remember wouldn’t I, I’ve been inhaling aluminum for years.

student 1: I guess

Fabrication lead: what where we talking about, and why is aluminum on the mill, I thought we where milling the polycarb