"Quotes" that were said during build season


“****” (any swear word)
Three people instantly “GRACIOUS PROFFESIONALISM!”
“So why can’t we add a chop saw to our bot?”


“Guys, we’re going to need this to be BEEFY

Unfortunately I can’t make the font alrger for the proper amount of emphasis, but our entire bot is made out of 1/8". And we’re somehow not overweight???

I mean, calculated.


Being human? Impossible.
Being a robot? Now that’s possible.


Coach: “we have to make sure other teams realize that we have a strong robot”
(Sadly, we didn’t saw our robot in half)


why cant i put my fingers in the sheet metal bender


how on earth did we forget the rsl?!


we don’t really need he rio, do we?


“Look at all of these dead hopes and dreams just sitting here as HTML files.”




“Hows the custody battle between programming and drive team for the practice bot?”


“This is a Lmaoment”- Anyone when anything bad happens (started by our president)


“Hand me the thick by one” - Team Captain
(Referring to thick-walled 1x1)


“Go home, metal, you’re drunk.”

When a bunch of stock that was leaning against a wall of the shop inexplicably fell over with a loud crash (without anyone nearby).


Team Captain: “what do you think we are? A bunch of drunks?”

Coach: “Yes, yes, lasagna “
“You can’t screw that up because it’s already screwed up”
“I’m married to a mom I should know”
“Wanna do crack go ahead”


“Curve it like your sexuality… wait thats too much curve.”


we need this bend about as straight as elton john


Talking about a climb
mentor: “I knew this design was too complicated, why didn’t we just put wings on the robot!”
enthusiastically flaps arms


Alright. Programmer attempting emergency surgery on a blue banner.


I unironically proved that we can make a drone. It breaks many rules but its possible to work around them


When we were getting ready to test our arm and deciding who would be the “spotters” to hold it when power was turned on: “No students - we mentors have already reproduced, we’re expendable.”