"Quotes" that were said during build season


“It’s the mentor’s decision.” (As to who will be on drive team a literal week away from our competition, y’know doesn’t really matter that I drove allllll Week Zero. All that matters is that the mentors are happy!)


“Good enough is perfect”



-freshman me after being forgot at 2 out of 5 comps that year, and being forgotten to be woken up in Huston trying to find our team


“Try doing something besides drilling holes in the table.”


did some rough calculations for a 120 pound robot and found that it could be done with roughly a thousand dollars


“I mean, we have friends”–Safety Captain when asked about our safety culture and if we have a buddy system by a judge


Right! It would be easy (sorta). Some guy I know online makes drones 250lbs+


Nice lol; gotta love that feeling


“A four-second elevator?!?! I could throw an elephant up in the air faster!”


After watching a ramp bot tying to climb another ramp bot:
“Look! Ramp bots mating!”
“Maybe we should lower the Sandstorm and give them some privacy”
“Someone play moon music.”
“So that’s how baby ramp bots are made.”
(It’s kind of become a running joke)

“Hey it fits! It’s almost like we planned it that way!” Three minutes later:
“Wait… no it doesn’t.”

“With enough pizza we can build anything”

After we bent a critical part of our elevator when we ran it through the bottom of our bot:
“well, run it too far up and maybe it will reverse itself”
Several days later the code breaks and the elevator tries to go too far up:
“Hey look! It did fix itself!”


“I didn’t say I was teaching GOOD programming”


It’s a LabVIEW, Chicken, and Anime party!


Its not broken, its FLEXIBLE


“Jesus take the wheel!”


I have no idea how i got hung up on a cargo.


we had a moment like this

“yo where did the omni go?”
“I think Jesus took it”


[After competition, not build season]

“See, if you had a water game, you could have human players swim around!”
"Yeah! And then you could poison the water! :smiling_imp: "
“… and that is why we don’t have a water game.”


“Programming will take care of it” - whenever we designed something that didn’t end up working in a match
“3D printing is strong enough” - whenever we designed something that broke in a match
“Only Hezbollah use rivets” - our mentors’ reaction to seeing how many rivets we used on the robot
“Just don’t suck” - self explanatory


“You yeeted me out of the pits, I can yoink your menu.”
This was said after we explained to the person what yeeting and yoinking was.


“The bot likes it nice and wet” - Team Captain
Referring to the wet rags we we’re using to cool off our drive motors during eliminations.