"Quotes" that were said during build season


Incoherent screaming as the Macarena starts playing and the entire team jumps up to start dancing


“It’s the year of waluigi…I mean sensors”


“It was a great bonding experience at least…me and the floor really got to know each other very well”
Said by me when our team went roller skating (I was really bad and fell a lot)


hey I mean if we really run out of money we could do plastic surgery with the cnc on the cheap.

me: (an amateur lock designer who enjoys studying the inersystems of locks) /
whenever anything is locked

me: I may or may not be hypothetically able to pick it

my team: we know stop offering that we will never take you up on that offer.


“No tools in the programming room!”
“It’s our turn with the robot!”
“Auto doesn’t write itself!!!”
“If that’s not questionable engineering, I don’t know what is”.


That’s legit the same thing I go through :grin:!


“It’s time for kickoff 2.”
This was said the day before bag and tag last year.


Another Hatch/Frisbee related quote:

Hey Tim, do you want to throw a Frisbee? (while holding a hatch panel)
Tim: No thanks.
Me: no.
Jon: It’s like $80 or something. It’s like really overpriced.
Me: So it’s cheaper to 3D Print a Frisbee then. I’ll go do that now.
Jon: you may not 3D print a Frisbee. How many times do I have to tell you this?
Tim: Not enough. You clearly haven’t gotten your point across.
Jon: You realize that it’s so much cheaper to just buy a Frisbee on Amazon.
Me: I don’t care about the facts. I have opinions. That’s what my Grandmother taught me. Besides, Amazon doesn’t have the cool factor that 3D printing does.
Another person in the room: You have a wise Grandmother.


Not really a quote but today when we loaded up our trailer we forgot to put blocks under it and when we were wheeling in our tool chest the whole trailer pivoted on us while we were in it.


Programmer has presented robot with a code; robot is free!


“I ain’t scared.”


“I smell like a bottle of pink Windex!”


“Okay, so I fixed the part and when i put it back in the assembly it was just a tiny bit off-”
“what? then-”
“BUT-but I CHECKED and it’s off JUST as much as it was before.”


“There is a slight chance the ball is stuck in the cieling”
“Everything’s a fastball!”


You’re mallet is “persuasion” our hammer is the “motivator”


An alum and first-year mentor: I feel kind of useless. Or I guess this is what mentorship is like. Oh well, at least I have a zip tie full of pockets!


“Hey Haylee, where do the flappy flappies go when the foodies are frozen?”

My head scout in training asked me this after she spotted a seagull…


“Go get the bag of sticky things”, referring to the bag of glues.


debating in the pits:
“Can’t be worse”


student A drills through metal and the drill bit breaks

Student B points to the other side of the room where our lunch is and says, " You shoul’ve aimed for the bread !" snap