"Quotes" that were said during build season


Because she ended up putting on perfume from Victoria Secret (which she hates) before she left her house. Since Victoria Secrets brand color is pink that’s why she said pink.


“You know how have you put up with our team for 23 years?”
“because you leave after 4 years!”


Lucas: “hey wanna hear something cool?”

Me: “Sure”

Lucas: Proceeds to sing the animaniacs countries of the world song for the hundredth time


Not during build season, but whatever.

“Food? In the computer lab? I feel like my inner morals have been violated.”


“and it’s really just going to be doing a lot of the hinge thing” - me


“We decided we needed another RSL, so we just grabbed it.”–@rsisk

For context: they grabbed one off of an opponents robot… with their robot… during a match. Appropriate penalties arrived promptly.


So this isn’t a quote from build season, but its a funny situation from my last competition that popped up. As we were doing the hand shake for finals, on the way back, I gave the MC a high five and I wanted to compliment him on his attire for the event, (he had a really interesting shorts and knee socks combo) so I said “hey man, I love you’re shorts!”, He probably wasn’t expecting the compliment cause he quickly replied “I love your shorts too!”. I was wearing jeans
I love moments like these, even with everything else that happened at that competition that was still a highlight!


“Happy Irish Day!”

I said this in a starbucks to my friend who was Irish when I meant to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day


This was something that happened to me at our competition

Goes down to dance the Cotton Eyed Joe
Falls, rolls ankle, rolls under the curtain between the aisle and the question box

-Later in the day-

has to run around because we’re an alliance captain
can be seen limping full speed down hallways


“I drilled the hole twice and it’s still too big”


“The laser’s making happy noises!” - Me




what does this look like or did you mean a pocket full of zip ties

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AFTER bagging, a new mentor comes up to me and says:

… “BTW, the Pneumatics are leaking. We finger tightened all of the joints. Should we have used a wrench?”

Me (after a stunned silence): “YES.” (face palm)

Sigh… Another item to deal with during open bag time…

Followup: We’re going to review “proper air tightening torque”.

I later realized early on we had discussed finger tightening pneumatics during fast prototyping, (and use regular nuts vs the final nylon stop nuts elsewhere) to reduce wear and tear on parts that may change often, and to allow faster mods and additions.

We did discuss going back and swapping out the nuts and tightening up the pneumatics once proven “done”, but not recently.

We did swap in stop nuts everywhere, but it didn’t dawn on me to go back and insure the new mentor remembered to have the students do that final sequential pneumatics tightening before bagging. MY bad.

Moral: After 20 years of FIRST mentoring,
A) One can still be surprised.
B) ALL knowledge must be taught, AND REVIEWED. Never assume “I can skip (training/reviewing) something, since that’s obvious” (or say it once early on and fail to review later). It may be obvious to YOU, but it’s NOT always obvious to newbies, whether mentor or student.
C) Checklists help. There’s so much data here for newbies to absorb, they’ll often forget items you mentioned early on. Make lists.

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Programmers: This should work, 5 seconds later, IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!


“Delrin’s the strongest plastic!”
Delrin elevator bearings break
“Wait what? That was Delrin!”


[In between our first and second competitions]

“What’s this? Hab Level 4?” [While gesturing to two stacked stools in the middle of our practice field]
“It’s a defense bot!”
[A mentor moves it off of the field]
“…That just got penalized for crossing to the other side.”


While pointing the camera on the robot for the driver: “Left me be your eye doctor, one or two”


“I’m the thiccest unicorn” Said while holding a massive PVC pipe on his head…


“Our robot is like communism, it works… in theory”