Quotes that won't catch on

This is the place to put quotes JUST FOR LAUGHS. Don’t take them seriously. Just post any quote that you think might be funny. They don’t even have to make sense.

I’ll make up more later, but I thought I might post one for now.

Being GP doesn’t mean being PG.

“Neighbors called in about a drunk and erotic driver.”

Seriously I didn’t think that “FIRST, it’s the WWF for smart people” would ever catch on.

It’s got more of a catchy ring to it than back in '02 when a guy from Disney called us all Roboteers. :rolleyes:

“If you can’t hurdle, you can’t win.”

“Remember to practice your obnoxious amateurism.”


“wow, We thought about doing that, but we just couldn’t make it work.”

“This is too hard, let’s just give up”


“If I had a nickel for every time our robot actually worked, I’d have one whole nickel. It was fail. Epic fail.” - lol, a team at the NYC FTC tourny

If FIRST was SECOND, Battlebots would be first.

hahaha, I know there’s tensions…Sorry, just told this to a friend and he cracked up laughing. Thought some might like it.

“We’ve got more money than brains.”

“The WWF is like FIRST, but for dumb people” :smiley:

Its even better backwards!

I don’t want to be a well rounded individual, I want to be an engineer-A professor at a camp I was at said that was his motto during his undergrad years

That is a professor I can relate to. I’m an engineering student in a cultural anthropology class. I’m not a happy camper. Just made me think of another quote that won’t catch on.

Nothing quite as a dull as a book with big words and no math.

So your idea of a good read is the phone book?

“That’s funny, it compiled correctly”

“I need a smaller hammer!”

Your forgetting, phone books have numbers…But they don’t have math. There is a difference.

Another unquotable:

It only matters if it works in theory. After all, who cares about reality?

If you look smart, you don’t need to be smart.

This job is fun, let’s not ruin it with a paycheck.

“Anything of significance is never completed alone” - Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

“If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.”- same book

Awesome book btw. Just finished it this morning.

“That’s funny, it compiled correctly”-boiler

I think i said that…
which was shortly followed by “and the robot still does not work so it must be a mechanical problem.”

“The future will be better tomorrow.”
-Dan Quayle

“Mickey Mouse says that’s pimp.”

“Andy Baker? Never heard of him.”

Who needs words? I let my numbers do my talking.

“Agghh!!! You gave me your snorts!!! Take them back!!”