Quotes that won't catch on

The biggest surprise is when things go according to plan.

We have a stragedy.

yes I know it’s spelled wrong :wink:

Hey Wardropper lets go over to that tree- me

Thats a big ball- Airhead (my best friend)

Ahh Help me sissy-dropper I got carbon fiber on me!- My bf making fun of my friend wardropper whom hated carbon fiber

Showed this to a friend. Had to say “It’s mathematically true”. Thought it belonged on here.

From work a few nights ago: “You may notice that your car slowed down only after you bumped someone. We do assist physics around here.” – me to a customer who said his car slowed down during a race. He got the point pretty quickly.

(I work at a go-kart track. We do have ways to slow a kart down when we need to.)

I have a lot of sense, but none of it is common.

I know Evan!!!..but the question is do you???

If at first you don’t succeed, give it up before your deed.

(it helps to imagine it in a Scottish accent)



This is a tradition among programmers of our team, one time at a resturant during competion someone will ask “Can I have some linux on this?”

Another is “We don’t have image tracking, we have mage tracking!”