Alot of people have some odd stuff in the signatures and I would like to her the stoys behind them.

I’ll start:

I’ll start my quote is by Michael Moore whom I really like, I just think that he sheds light on things that needed to be seen. The quote is from his newest book called Dude Wheres My Country. But he has a point this “war on terror” is a “war” that will never be won. Also the Iraq thing was not necessary and I am still not behind it (Even though it’s over, I just hope it doesn’t turn into another Afghanistan). I hope people will wake up in this country and begin to see the power as citizens in this democratic society. (This is my opinion and mine alone if you disagree please post; I am an open minded person)

If you goto Dean Kamens house, and go up the spiral staircase behind the fireplace to the lookout tower (about the 3rd floor)

there is a poster on the wall of a light house a little after twilight in a storm.

my sig line is the caption from that poster!

If you just read mine - it says the whole story.

Chrysler > Ford > GM > Imports

Detroit Red Wings > NHL


I heard this one on some show on TV - don’t remember which one though.

Come on the rest of you have good quotes too. Start posting.

Mine is actually a quote I pulled from the book ‘Gearheads’.
“Above all, the machine has no feeling, it feels no fear and no hope…it operates according to the pure logic of probability. For this reason I assert that the robot perceives more accurately than man.”

I decided I needed a change when my driving career ended. I used to have my life slogan up from the movie ‘Driven’ - “Don’t just drive because you love it, drive for the pure victory.”


I work for a major robot and automation supplier for the plastic injection molding industry (I actually build the robots and automation and also at times have to travel around the country to set up the equipment) and one time I saw a picture cut out of a paper with a robot and the phrase " Building a dream…one robot at a time" underneath (it isn’t our company slogan in case anyone was wondering). For some reason it stuck in my head and since I didn’t think of any other good quotes, and FIRST is about building robots I decided to use it. Also I want to say that I got this job because of being part of FIRST. The company has been a sponsor of team 237 for the past five years.

Firefly. 'Nuff said.

well the first part (the team 10101001001) is my team number in binary (if anyone was at the canadian kickoff at the osc you would have seen my team with duct tape on us that had our team number and our barcode lllllllllll on it - you will see it on our shirts too at the canadian regional !!)

i read the first quote somewhere online a long long time ago, and thought that it made a lot of sense and was totally true, while still having humour

and the second quote i head it from someone … i thought it was funny and it amused me ( i am easily amused )

well my quote… I don’t know where I heard it, but it was probably in my physics AP class when we were discussing lift.