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**2009 Robot Photos
Show Your Bot Off on TBA!

The Blue Alliance has set up an e-mail address for teams to submit photos of their 2009 robots. By building a complete set of robot photos, The Blue Alliance hopes to make pre-scouting for regionals much easier and more efficient for teams.

To submit a photo of your team or another team’s 2009 robot, send an email to [email protected]. Attach a horizontally oriented photo of your robot named ###.jpg where ### is your team’s number. For instance, if you are team 5462, attach “5462.jpg”, and if you are team 1, attached “1.jpg”. Automated scripts handle downloading and processing the attachments, so it is important you stick to this convention!

Send a photo of your bot to [email protected] and help scouts see just how great of a machine you’ve built!

I personally have been making a folder on my computer of team photos that I have seen on CD that I am planning on [strike]zipping up[/strike] individually attaching and sending. If anyone else has photos, please load them up, as TBA has become a sort of Mecca of scouting and strategy.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Please don’t zip them up and send them. Our automated tools only work if they are attached individually and named “###.jpg”. This is to prevent us from having to individually grab and rename 1700 pictures :).

Thanks to everyone sending in photos!

Why horizontal and not vertical? Most teams have final vertical shots of their robot.

I also believe that the picture of the 125 robot is illegal due to out of the 28",38",60" box.

To answer the questions before they pile up.

/r/ Moar Robot Pics on TBA!

are you serious ¬_¬ (the bold part)


I guess since this topic has come up again, please post a photo of your robot if you haven’t already. If you are a scout/photographer/driver/coach and have photos of a missing robot, please ask that team if you can upload it.

I’d be very happy if we can get photos and videos of all the teams going to Atlanta this year. That media combined with the scoring info and TBA API could make for some really awesome scouting preparations! :smiley:

(Just imagine a full statistical breakdown on a team as well as photos and videos at the touch of a button in the pits in Atlanta!)

Is there any way to get a list of the teams that don’t have pics yet? I’ve got thousands of pictures already from this season, and I wouldn’t mind grabbing some 'bot photos, but it would be good to know what I’m looking for.

Each event has a list of all the teams competing at it and the ones without little camera icons need pictures. I can’t find a full list of all of the 2009 teams, but if you do submit any pictures that are duplicates, they will be filtered out by the system.

Ohhh sounds like a good idea. I’ll check through what I have to see if anything can be useful.

Is there also any way for the TBA crew to make the team list pictures user friendly? As in make it work from robot 0001 to 2000, not all over the place as it is right now?

Well there aren’t FRC teams tied to all of those numbers if that’s what you mean.

Take a look at this page and you’ll get what I said earlier.


Gotta love strict numerical formatting messing up common sense numerical order lists!!! :yikes:

Btw, what if a team wants to replace/update a picture with a new one?
Can the system handle multiple pictures from one team, or will the new one overwrite the old, or will the system go bork bork bork?? lol

Right now, the newest picture wins.